FYI – The Sexy Series Is Unavailable

Just a little FYI for all those who are searching.

The Sexy Series is currently undergoing rebranding.


We are changing covers and titles (books and series title) for those which better suit the material.


Stay tuned for a mega post containing more information.

Everything should be updated soon!




  • Sally

    I read a lot since becoming a widow and on iTunes it tells me if I have read the book. When you change the name of the books it will say I haven’t read it so if I can’t remember in the description of the book and I buy it and start reading it and realize I have read it I have wasted my money. A few authors have done this and I stopped reading them I enjoy your writing is there going to be a way to tell if I’ve read it

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Good question!

      Absolutely. We changed it up because there’s no use in having products sitting in the marketplace but not hitting their target audience. The funny thing is mom, who’s like an avid romance reader, warned me about calling the series The Sexy Series. Since then, I’ve learned to value her opinion a lot more.

      For at least three months the books will only be on Amazon, part of Kindle Unlimited. We have made note of the change in the product description and the very first pages of the book (after the title page). And if someone still doesn’t see all the warnings it’s easy to be refunded for the purchase on Amazon.

      Basically, all bases are covered. Thanks for asking! Z

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