“Now Lovers” in Editing and the future of LOVE in the USA reboot


Now Lovers has been the editing process since Thursday.


Yep, I actually made my editing deadline. But truthfully, I’m so into this series now. I’m into Sonja, Robin, and Elaine. As I continue crafting their world and circumstances, I’ll be into Theresa (Robin’s sister) and of course Gran too. Remember Dexter Frampton from LOVE in the USA (The Lords)? We meet his daughters in this story. Also, in the last pages of the book, our favorite Lords are back. And there’ll be quite a lot of crossover between the Hesters and the Lords. I have no idea how I did it, I sure didn’t plan it, but my creative instincts did it. So enjoy!

As all of you who have read the start of the new books in the series know, the steam level is not as high as the first, I would say, eight of in the Lords’ series. I’ve been focusing more on the PARTNER elements these days. What do I mean by that? When fate brings two people together, then they’re union will make each happier human beings.

I liked starting with Sonja and Jay because they were best friends when they were kids. Essentially, Fate had put them together a long time ago, and instead of growing away from each other, they’ve grown toward each other. So by the time they meet fifteen years later, he’s done a LOT of work on himself and she’s mature enough to distinguish between Jay the man and Jay the boy. However, fate will have to work overtime to bring Robin, Elaine and Theresa their forever partners. I mean… whew–they’re tough.

I guess what I want you all to get, if you hadn’t gotten it already,  is that you are not beholden to the script. At any point in your life–you can be in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties or sixties and beyond–you can listen to your soul and say, “this script is killing me. It’s making me unhappy every day. It’s blocking the joy from saturating my heart. It’s damn hard and I know it’ll be easier if I force myself to let it go.”

I think CONTEMPORARY romance is not about the fantasy. It’s about how far we’ve come as a society. For women, it’s about being able to reclaim our Adam. For men, it’s about not having to bear Adam alone. It’s about not forcing relationships that in five to ten years lead to divorce. It’s about realizing that your partner should definitely be friends if not best friends. It’s about celebrating how far we’ve come and what’s possible for all of us if we reach for it. I mean, don’t you want to like, really like, the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with?

So get ready because these are going to be some GOOOOOD love stories. I was going to write Robin’s next but I think I want to craft Elaine’s story. She’s Miss Ideal Man/Ideal Relationship. You know, that person. The one who has it her brain how a man should be, what she’s supposed to be and what love should look like.  However, she’s been unable to achieve what she wants because she can’t stop being overly ambitious so her beliefs don’t jive with her reality.  Then in walks the most imperfect man that she never saw coming. (Rubbing hands together like an evil genius). Oh, I can’t wait to shatter the barriers which stop Elaine from finding true love. If you remember she’s had three wedding days and is working on her fourth.

Anyway… I’m writing to give you an update. The next book is with the editor. I’ll be changing the covers again because my currents ones say “steamy/erotic contemporary romance” and that’s not what I’m writing here. And finally…

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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  • Elaine

    Hey Z!

    Thanks for the update!

    Excited to see what you’ve come up with for Elaine. Can’t imagine her heart will melt easily.

    Bonus that you’re revisiting some of the Lords too. One of my main reasons that I love your books is the world you’ve created and how we get snap shots of the others throughout your series!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Elaine x

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Hi Elaine!!!

      You’re very welcome for the update!

      I’ve already titled Elaine’s story–Taming The Shrewd.

      I Won’t start writing on it until May 1st. Taking the rest of the month off.

      Thanks so much for your comments! Have a wonderful day!