Now Lovers Releasing Early!

Yep, you read it right! I’ll be releasing Now Lovers by May 23rd of next week. There may be a delay on Amazon, but I’ll keep you updated.

Why, you ask?

Why not!

The book is clearing editing earlier than planned. And since it’s the extension and conclusion of Sonja and Jay’s story, I want you to get it as soon as possible.

In other news, I’m now writing “Taming The Shrewd,” Elaine Hester’s story, and am loving the initial outlining process. Don’t worry, I’m not going to drag the series out across twelve books. I’m planning six for the Hesters series, and that’s it. As always my goal will be to thoroughly entertain you while writing a solid story with steady beats to keep you engaged from one sentence to the next and from one page to the next.

So stay tuned because Now Lovers is on the way! And now I think I want to make myself a fresh pot of coffee!

Until my next update!

Much Love,

Z.L. Arkadie is an indie author of romance fiction. So far she has published three book series: Parched (Paranormal Romance), LOVE in the USA (Contemporary Romance) and The Sexy Series (Contemporary Romance co-written with T.R. Bertrand). Z.L. doesn't write your average romance. Her books are edgy--characters break all the "rules" and happy endings don't come easy.