5 More Days Until “Waiting On You” New Release!

Including today, there are just five more days until Waiting On You, A Brooklyn Love Story releases! You can now pre-order it on all stores except Amazon. I’d rather not mess with Amazon’s pre-orders. I have my reasons. But if you are an Amazon reader, then mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 13th. I will do a better job sending follow-up emails regarding the new release. So often I finish one book and after a brief period of rest, I am on to the next.

AND OMG, I’m writing the first book in a new trilogy… Sigh… I’m telling you I love it. I’ve figured out the sort of stories I love to tell. I love writing erotic romance with a strong mystery and plot–LOVE in the USA, The Lords type of stories meets The Sterling’s Series.

Okay, I’ll back off teasing my current project. I want to reserve an entire email for that. But OMG, I’m so excited. So, excited…

However, you will see the cover for the next project at the end of “Waiting On You, A Brooklyn Love Story.  It will be the only place you’ll see it in full until the first two books are securely in the hands of my editor and the manuscripts have made it through the first round, which will be some time December. But for now, don’t miss my next new release, the final book in the LOVE in the USA, The Hesters series!


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