Good News about the next New Release! Claimed

I can say for certain that Claimed, The Dark Christmases book three will be released much earlier than March 26th. It’s currently undergoing the first round of proofing! I am very happy with the story and I suspect you will be too. My mom, who is an avid romance reader, has already read in its very raw, pre-edited stage. She couldn’t put the book down. The disrupted her plans for the two days! I took that as a GREAT sign. Then, once I received the first round of edits back, I read through the manuscript, and yeah… You’re going to love it! I am literally reeling from anxiety, wanting so much to get this story in your hands now, now, NOW!!! 🙂 But alas, I must wait until it clears all stages of this process.

Here’s some extra info you might like to know though. As soon as the manuscript clears final proofing, it’ll go on sale. That means I’ll change the release date for the pre-orders. It will be available almost immediately, or at least within 24 hours, on all stores except Amazon. Sigh… Amazon will make you wait four days from the time the final draft is uploaded and the pre-order date adjusted. However, the good news is you’ll definitely have it on your Kindle before March 26th. And, the paperback version will be available before then, if you really are unable to wait for the e-book edition.

Okay. And so what at am I writing next? This summer I want to write The Dark Valentines Trilogy. In a few weeks, I will begin my initial outlining. Then I will start writing, Seduction book 1. I actually might start earlier than a few weeks. I’m like a wild bull ready to be let out of her gate on this one. But I need to force myself to take a real break to avoid burnout. I hope to have all three books written by August and released by late September or early October. I’ll periodically feed you updates on this trilogy. The covers are done so the pre-order will go up on Apple Books once I work out the official release logistics. So stay tuned.

Just wanted to post this quick update.

You’ll hear from me again soon!