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The Future of The Christmases!

So really, you want more Christmases?

That has been the consensus. I don’t want to get caught in that trap of overwriting a series, but indeed I have JUST been struck by inspiration for a new Christmas Trilogy. It picks up a year after Holly’s book is released, and will feature Spencer Christmas as the hero. Okay, yeah, I was a little, well a lot, worried that the Spencer and Asher, nor Bryn were romance hero/heroine material but I do believe in redemption and growth. I had to picture the sort of life change that would lead these people to evolve. And by George, I know I got it!

I promise you, I did not expect to write this story at this time, but the inspiration I feel is so strong that I must do it.

As of now, I’ll be writing The Freed ChristmasesEnthrall (Book 1), as well as books two and three.

But do not despair, The Dark Valentines will see the light of day. I’ll write that trilogy after I finish The Freed Christmases.

The news of this extended but new series is hot off the press. I made the decision almost an hour ago. A lot of fans have asked if I was going to write continuing stories and I said, no. That wasn’t the plan, but now it is!

And now, to the outline.

I’m so excited!

Until next time,


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