Book Cover Conundrum No More!

You all remember how steamed I used to get over cover artists not giving me what I wanted, right? Not only that but the bulk of them were more artists than business people. Oh goodness (massaging my temples, remembering how hard it was for some of them to deliver when they said they would.) I have some cover artists horror stories that I’ll never tell. Why never tell? Because I’m over it. And then there was the fact that the best ones, I mean those who were business-minded and knew the marketplace as well as being artistically talented, were ALWAYS booked for months or years on out. That would’ve been great but it took me so long to even pick a genre and trope and stick to them. If I had been more consistent, it would’ve been easier to book a year out, knowing exactly what sort of story I would tell.



After many migraine headaches, I was forced to learn Photoshop–like REALLY learn it. Not only that but I had to learn typography and placement. I had to learn that less is more. I could also give my own covers the right amount of LOVE and time to make them exactly how I want them. Not only that, it doesn’t cost me a charge here and there to change something on them, which something many independent authors have to do a lot. I create my PSD’s I own them! 💜

Earlier today, I took a break in the middle of writing Enthrall to update the Maggie & Vince book covers. And now the entire LOVE in the USA, The Lords series have updated covers.

I want to share them with you! See below! 😊