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NOW AVAILABLE! The Original Version of Find Her, Keep Her

That’s right, the book is now available. I will like to say a big thank you to everyone who loved this version. Romance readers can be some of the harshest critics. For many reasons, especially for the sake of promotion opportunities, it’s important that if you love a book, or like a book, then leave a review. It keeps us from trying to scramble and save a series–series that you might like and want more of. Your review doesn’t have to be very long. And finally, the Audible version is also the original.


Find Her, Keep Her (THE ORIGINAL)


Enough of you have asked for it, so here it is–the very first version of Find Her, Keep  Her. Sex scenes are frequent and written in graphic detail. Belmont is giving Daisy the full-on press, no holds barred.  So… ENJOY!

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Z.L. Arkadie is an indie author of romance fiction. So far she has published 33 books--and there will be many more! Z.L.'s stories are addictive, smart and always sexy.


  • Michele Haynes

    Thank you again for re-releasing the “original” version. This book is the reason I “originally” fell in love with your writing, These two characters hop off the page for me. The passion, sincerity, and lust they have for each other is the stuff for me that makes for a great erotic romance,

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Thanks so much for the feedback, Michele. For a long time, I sort of regretted changing it. Most readers preferred the original version and the read-through supported that but I had to put a plug in hemorrhaging one-star reviews on Amazon. It always amazes me how they get to the end of the book and then read the next, and still leave one-star reviews! It’s amazing. That takes a very unique mindset. I never leave one-star reviews on content because if I dislike a book that much, I never finish it, let alone get past chapter one, and certainly not go to book two or three. And if the story doesn’t go my way, that’s not a reason to give a one-star review either. The reasonable middle is the hugest demographic when it comes to everything–politics, tastes, sanity–LOL, etc. That’s my mission now, to get them, the reasonable middle, to leave reviews on all the books they like, especially if they’re not cliche. 😊 Thanks again, Michele! Best, Z