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50 Years Old: Life, Live, Love Lesson #3

OK… So this lesson may seem small but I promise you it is larger than life, like, literally larger than life.


Like, I didn’t know and I wish I had known 20 years ago. And I’m not talking about those chemical latent vitamins they sell cheaply at Walmart. I’m talking about REAL good vitamins. Vitamin deficiency eventually caught up to me. When you’re young you never think about what the body needs. You never think about humanity’s roots and how the first humans lived so different than how we live today. And most of that difference is reflected in our diet. And for that reason, so many of us are vitamin deficient and I personally believe the healthcare providers know this! Look at your labs and how they leave out tests for vitamin C, K, E, A and magnesium. I read that 75% of Americans are magnesium deficient! Yikes!

So let me tell you something that happened to me recently. About fifteen years ago I had gallbladder removal surgery. All my doctor told me was that I didn’t need it. And because back then the Internet wasn’t as big as it is now and the circumstances that led me to the hospital were so drastic, I didn’t question the treatment. Fast forward 15 years later and I had flatlined levels Vitamin D deficiency. I used to have a sharp mind where I could remember numbers as soon as I looked at them. One of my former bosses told me how impressive my recall for numbers was. It was–very impressive. It certainly was. Well, that was gone! I was struggling to remember three simple numbers after I looked at them, turned away and tried to recall them again. I used to be able to remember credit card numbers like that, snaps fingers. I would wake up in the middle of the night with night blindness in my left eye. And, the hot flashes–OMG. Not to mention I was sluggish all the time. There were so many more things going wrong in my body and brain. Oh, and I was gaining weight without eating more than I normally did. Also, my blood pressure was through the roof and I could see that I was bloated. I knew something was wrong inside me because I’ve always been in touch with my body.

Doctors always want to chalk these changes up to aging. They want to prescribe pills, tell us to take them so that we can become dependent on them. Listen I hate to sound so fatalistic about the ordeal but that’s another thing I learned after 50 years of being alive–only in very rare cases will people, systems and corporations’ put their integrity above profits. So you have to pay attention. You have to be open to hearing and following the non-traditional advice. Trust your instincts–that’s God.

So, and this makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it, but after I had my gallbladder surgery no one and I mean no one told me that I would never digest food the same. The gallbladder operates as a washing machine by using bile salts to scrub and absorb the nutrients from fats before food enters the small intestine and then the liver. That mechanism was no longer part of my bodily functions. My body wasn’t getting any of the vitamins that are absorbed from fats like A, K, D, E, and Magnesium. I also learned that they all are interdependent, meaning they need each other to work properly. Learning that was a life-changer.

OK, so, at the beginning of October, I went to my annual checkup. When I arrived, my blood pressure was through the roof. The nurse who took my BP contacted a nurse practitioner, who instructed me to leave right away and go to the emergency room before I stroke out. I assured her that it was normal. My blood pressure jumped to the highest highs to normal and could do it all in a course of ten minutes. They let me sit for a few minutes and saw that was right. The NP became quite alarmed and took a good look at my lab results. She showed me where my D levels were flatlined and they had been in the same state last year too. Basically, I had made no progress even though I was taking cod liver oil every day. Then she said, “You have no gallbladder.” Her tone was like, ah, I see why. She told me that my body couldn’t absorb vitamin D, and the deficiency can be the source of a lot of my issues. The first thing she told me to do was to stop taking the cod liver oil and to take bile salts with meals along with non-oil-based vitamin D. I did/do that. I take an enzyme with bile salts with every meal. I also looked deeper into my vitamin deficiency and found this,IF YOUR GALLBLADDER HAS BEEN REMOVED, which taught me I was more than likely lacking vitamin A (night blindness), E, K and Magnesium. I started taking all of those as well, including beets.

I can recall numbers again. The night blindness is gone. Also, the sight in my left eye was losing color–the vividness is back! No more hot-flashes, not one! My BP is normal again. The bloating is gone. Just like that, I look ten years younger than what I looked before. I was starting to look old. I say that because good genes run in my family and I NEVER looked my age, but I was beginning to look it. However, now, I solidly look younger again. Oh, and, I used to blame my mattress for my crappy sleep, I now know it was my body! My joints ached and could never get comfortable. That’s done! Two weeks into my vitamin regimen and my bed was comfortable again! I know right??? It’s crazy how simple that was–the fix. And cheaper than buying another mattress that wouldn’t work.

My whole life has changed. However, here’s what was true, my lack of gallbladder made me severely vitamin deficient. I’m no longer vitamin deficient. Our bodies NEED vitamins. And if it wasn’t for that nurse practitioner, who wasn’t even my doctor, I somehow got her because my BP was through the roof, I probably never would’ve known any of it.

So now I’m passing it on to you…

Life, Live, Love Lesson #3 is to learn your vitamin levels. Make sure they’re good. I promise it’ll be worth it.

That link I provided, read that, it’s good stuff. Even if you have a gallbladder, the vitamin portion can be very helpful. Not having a gallbladder is just one of many ways we become vitamin deficient. You know those people who never smoked or been around smokers and suddenly came up with lung cancer? Vitamin deficiency can cause lung cancer. I mean, read it. It’s amazing, just amazing.

And now back to crafting Seduction. I’m at the beginning and that’s the hardest part of the story to write. 😬


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