Intrigued in Audiobook Now on!


FYI, you can now buy Intrigued, The Dark Billionaire Jasper Christmas in the audio version or

Don’t delay! Start listening today!

I have to keep this short, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I’ve been so, so, so busy this weekend, working of course. I had to prepare LOVE in the USA to go wide again, and with new covers and remember I took the series from twelve to ten books. Also, so… Seduction is not only a secret billionaire story but it’s set in a hospital.


Not easy to write.

Tons of research has to be done, but finally, I’m finding my footing.

I have some blog posts I want to write. 🤞 (fingers crossed) I can make that post soon.

But for now, grab Intrigued in the audiobook version! It’s difficult for me to read my own work or listen to it, but when I was approving the chapters, I was so IN. I was eagerly waiting for the next chapters to arrive. My goal is to always keep up the quality of that kind of work. And Cate Strey’s reading… Like, wow!

Intrigued On Audible