2021 Plans for Z.L. Arkadie!

Greetings and  Happy New Year! (celebration: steamers, finger wiggling, and whooping!)😘

Here’s to a better year than last, and a safe, happy and fulfilling future for you all.

My schedule is tight this week so let’s get on with the show.

First, the first book of the Mighty Billionaire Hercules Valentine Trilogy is nearing completion. My manuscript goes to the editor on Friday!

I took my time writing this book. And I will carefully and methodically write the anchor trilogy to the entire Billionaire Valentine Brothers series. I realize I didn’t spend a lot of time rounding Spencer, Asher, and Bryn’s true selves in Intrigued. I focused solely on Holly’s view of them and not enough on Jasper’s interaction with his sibling, which would’ve really brought them to life early on. Well, for those who love a deeper dive into the worlds of their characters, I think you’re going to love getting to know the Groves and Valentines. I’m weaving in two warring powerful families into this series. It’s going to be fire! Sizzle!🔥

I don’t have a release date yet because I want to finish the entire trilogy first. No more am I racing the bullet, trying to rapid-release books in a trilogy. As I said, I want to take my time and deliver a  solid. rich and rewarding reading experience with each new release. I don’t want any of the books to feel rushed. But I’m sure the first book will be released by March or April. 

The Valentines/Groves are the only new stories I’m writing this year. Did you catch that? The only NEW stories.

For fans of the Parched series, I have some treats for you. Here’s what I’ll reveal today… Just know that that series is being worked on. You’ll hear more from me about the work I’m doing on it later this year. Again, I don’t want to rush it. I want to make Parched better than ever. So stay tuned!

And that’s it! I have a manageable and exciting writing schedule this year. 

Okay, and that’s all folks! It’s time to get this day under my belt.

Peace, love, and happiness!