Saturday musing or musing on a Saturday

I’m thinking about romance and writing heroes. A memory came to mind. Years ago, when I was very young and in the Army I was stationed in a unit where I was the only female for a while. And I worked in the motor pool. And there was a guy I worked with I can’t remember his name but me being a city slicker and desert rat from Southern California, I can recall that he had a pronounced accent. It could’ve been Southern—I think it was. He was thin, short, and had blonde hair. And he always looked as though his uniform was wearing him. But he was a mechanic so I think that was his excuse. When I picture him now, I see the rifle on his shoulder, and he’s wielding it like it’s too tall and heavy for him. He was not the sort of man who would turn my head even an inch. and what’s insane is there weren’t very many of us in the motor pool but he’s like a Phantom in my memory. Like he was my day today but I regarded him distantly. Interesting …

Anyway, for the longest time, I was the only female in the unit until one day another woman arrived. She was short, had black hair and was as cute as a button. You can imagine the fanfare they came with a new woman in the unit. I mean, she could have had her pick of any single man. And yet to my and all the other guys’ surprise, she chose him.

I kind of remember asking her about it—like why him? and I remember having sort of a sarcastic smirk when I asked. I also remember her looking at me as if she wanted to scratch my eyes out. But she did say she liked him because he was nice and kind and a good man.

On one occasion I saw her coming out of his room while I was on duty CQ duty let’s call commanding quarters and her hair was all mussed. I remember thinking. Did he make her look like that? In my brain, only men who look like athletes and statues carved by Michelangelo could only bring a girl to such pleasure. Many many years later, boy was I wrong. A bit that’s why she married him so fast. They do know how to give orgasms on top of being very very nice. Which I could confirm he definitely was a kind and good man.  On top of that I kind of think he was really good in bed too. They got married. I believe at a certain point she was pregnant.  I wonder if you’re still together today. That was a looooong time ago and it doesn’t feel like only yesterday. But here’s what I’ve learned, it’s those guys, the sensitive ones, the ones who listen, the ones who feel us out, those are the ones who know what the hell they’re doing if you know what I mean.

Musing over.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

Gosh, I wish I can remember that guy’s name. Being young sucks. See how much we miss simply by not having a fully-developed prefrontal cortex. Dude… if I can go back to my past today, knowing all that I know now about myself, I would have a blast! I would enjoy the people I hated. I would learn from those older sergeants. I would want to know more about what makes them tick. I would want to know more about everybody I meet. I would suck it in, I would experience life ALIVE and I certainly would remember the names of the people I worked closely with.