A Message From Z.L. Arkadie

The Billionaire Hercules Valentine and I – Serendipity is now live!

I am so happy to bring you The Billionaire Hercules Valentine and I (Book 1): Serendipity.

This is the first book of my new series. In my opinion, its my best contemporary romance series yet. I have no doubt you’ll be unable to put down these tales of forbidden lovers, featuring the sort of yummy book boyfriends you always get from me.

So get your copy and start indulging in The Billionaire Hercules Valentine and I (Book 1): Serendipity today!

What if Romeo and Juliet had gotten their happy ending?

I never thought I would be committing corporate espionage, especially at the company of the guy I had a crush on in high school. His name is Hercules Valentine, and he’s the sort of man that sets a girl’s soul on fire. We always had chemistry, but we also knew that the Valentines and Groves don’t mix. So we never crossed that line.

Well–We did once. But Hercules was too drunk to remember it. Now, my brother has tasked me with infiltrating the Valentine family’s company to take back what they stole from us. Only, I’m afraid my mission may be thwarted by an itch that only Hercules can scratch.

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