A Message From Z.L. Arkadie

Update: New Release Title Changes!

I have few updates for you. First, The Billionaire Hercules Valentine and I, Serendipity is now Tempting Fate, Hercules Valentine And I.

The Billionaire Hercules Valentine and I, The Ruse is now The Deception, Hercules Valentine and I. 

How’s my Kindle Unlimited adventure going? It’s okay. I’m going to give it some more time and then reassess. I think long series written like mine aren’t ideal for KU. Readers are only given certain allowances a month or something. There are eleven book in the Christmas series. So… I’ll see.

However, I don’t think I want the new series in Kindle Unlimited though. It might pull it tomorrow, which means I have to republish the new title in all the other stores. Sigh… That will be a lot of work. I just cut nearly 10k words from Soul Mates, Hercules Valentine and I, book 3. I thought it was going in a boring direction. Soul Mates is due to the editor on June 24th. Yikes! That’s not a problem though, I just have to work everyday up until June 24th. But, if I put a lot on my plate, I might risk messing up the story. I don’t want to do that. So… I’ll see.

Which leads me to next bit of good news. The Deception, Hercules Valentine and I (book 2) is now with the second proofreader. Okay, I wanted to make this quick!

I’ll be back with further updates about KU and other stores soon!

Much Love,

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