A Message From Z.L. Arkadie

The Valentines are OUT!

Out of Kindle Unlimited that is.

It wasn’t doing so well in the program and I think it’s because I had the wrong covers at first and then I kept changing them. But the main reason is I suck at  new release launches.

Anyway, if you’ve been reading my post for a while or you’re on my list, then I know that you’re into a well-told story, that has the power to take you away. You’re not looking to have your vagina validated or the whole world shoved into your box.  For instance, million dollar weddings that read like backyard barbecues. Or college educated heroines who read like they’ve never finished a semester of undergrad. I can’t write that and never will. I can’t feed the beast.

Soo… I say all of this for a reason. I am quite certain that the entire Valentines series will be my last romance series. I can’t do it anymore. At the moment, I’m listening to Dark Matter in audiobook format, and I swear I miss it. I miss writing stories like Misty Black and Parched. I’m listening without cringing or laughing facetiously at something controlling and special pussy that the heroine has done. Of course there are elements of force-feeding us conventionality in Dark Matter but still, the elements of the heroes journey are much stronger.

The Valentine series that I’m writing now has a strong story but still, no special pussy. No sassy mouthed heroine who thinks the man is someone she’s supposed to control and then ride like he’s a horse through life. My characters have mutual respect. Mutual like. And yes, she is bending, not unbending. Paisley has the golden brain that Hercules loves.  Lake has the golden personality that Mason can’t resist. And I can’t give away the couples of the next three books featuring another Valentine brother, but those heroines will have more than vagina that’ll make him want her and subsequently see the light.

So, anyway, Tempting Fate (formerly Serendipity) is out of Kindle Unlimited. You can now order it at any store. It’s $4.99 but I’ll be dropping the price soon. You can wait until I do that. I’ll make a whole new post on The Tempting Valentine Brothers next week. Book two has cleared editing and proofing. It’s ready to go so I don’t have to wait until June 22nd to release The Deception, book 2. I’m working on Soul Mates now. I really want you to enjoy the Valentines. I plan on leaving romance with a BANG. 🔥

Also, I might be writing a sci-fi for Kindle Vella, or Parched redux, or Misty Black redux, or all three! More on that in the future. My early followers should be happy about that! 😊 Some of you have been around since Misty Black. Remember when I planned on writing a series centered around Halo from The Sterlings? Supermodel turned special agent. I think I might revisit that too. I’m done chasing the money by writing romance. It was a losing race. Now I’m winded, tired and super-skinny from all of that running after what has been elusive. It’s time get fat and happy!

I’m now chasing my heart.

Stay tuned.

Much love,

Hey, if you haven’t already, checked out The Sterlings Family Saga, then do it. The trilogy is also out of Kindle Unlimited.

Book one is Legacy of Secrets, it used to be Secrets and Lies. I should’ve never changed it from Secrets and Chance. But since I never stuck with one genre, I had a lot of issues with getting the algorithm to work in my favor. I may even start the Sci-fi under a pen-name. But I’ll reveal that name to you!


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