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Good News! The Deception’s New Release Date

The good news is that The Deception will be released earlier than June 22nd.

The Manuscript has cleared editing and is ready to go. I have some promotions to cancel and so forth so I can’t release it next Tuesday, which is what I wanted to do.

However, the new release date is June 11th! That’s next Friday.

I just wanted to let you know. I have loads of work to do between now and then.


I hate preparing for new releases. I’ve been at this for ten years and I still suck at them. Hopefully, by the next brother’s story, I’ll have a  better grasp on NR’s. But I do apologize for the Kindle Unlimited confusion, or should I say debacle.

Kindle Unlimited just doesn’t like Z.L. Arkadie for some reason! LOL! Like… Sigh…

Basically, the Christmases are coming out of KU. Someone suggested I try putting the entire series in and see what happens. Well, what happened was, I’m losing money. So KU is a No-go. I think it’s only for shorter series that are very, very on trope. In romance, I can’t be ON-TROPE, that would mean sacrificing the hero and heroines humanity. But Sci-fi, fantasy, a really good thriller, I can definitely be on trope! I’m currently listening to Recursion by Blake Crouch, and I love it. I mean, we have entirely different viewpoints. Like, I couldn’t suspend reality enough to not forget that flesh and blood can’t travel by way of memories. It’s impossible. However, maybe when I get to the end there will be a rational explanation. Like, they’ve been dead all along and only that one part of their brain has lived on thanks to the brilliant heroine’s chair. Gosh… No one can write brilliant heroines like male authors. I also read Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter and even the wife has some brains, patience, and a lack of entitlement with her beauty. I loved it!

Anyway… Paisley Grove is brilliant and there will be more of her to consume on June the 11th!


June 11th

The Deception, Hercules Valentine and I

And now back to the work of making it happen!


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