Giving Them A Scrubbing!

I mean my books, that is.

So, if you’ve been with me since 2011, then you know I started with no curse words or strong language in my books. I figured I don’t speak that way, so why add it. Then, I started seeing reviews criticizing me for not being bold enough to use the P-word or D-word. So, I started using them.

There’s something about stepping out on a slippery slope. At some point, we’ll slip and tumble down the rabbit hole. I feel as if that’s what I did. And even though the vocal readers, which is the smallest amount of readers, changed me–it’s taken a long time to get back to what I prefer. Also, back then, I used to reach tons more readers because the algorithms were like a lush GOLD MINE! Now the algos suck. And Amazon still has the best algos for those who choose to write very close to trope. Also, KU readers don’t like tons of books in one series.

But, I’m telling you, I’m sanitizing the F-word, the S-word, the PU word, and the Di-word, and goodness gracious did I use them A LOT.

Sorry about that.

I spent all week taking them out of the Christmas Brothers series. The sex is still hot, though, but I have shortened some scenes. I mean, really, at some point, you get what’s going to happen between them. So… let’s just move on. In my new series, I like to make sex COUNT. LOL! What I mean by that is, I try not to overdo it, so you’ll love to see it coming.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that. I’m reading through some of my old books, and all I want is a bunch of do-overs! LOL! And I’m fighting the urge to unpublish what I don’t like anymore. Sigh…

Okay then, tomorrow’s the big day. The Valentines–I love this series. I have no regrets. So, if this doesn’t start catching an algorithm, then… Sigh…

We’ll cross that road when we get there.

Also, Tempting Fate is now either Free or 99Β’ at the moment. Amazon hasn’t price-matched to free yet. My new release of Serendipity, now Tempting Fate, didn’t go so well. That’s what happens when I go in and out of KU like whiplash. It’s a new series, so I have to get new readers. Free is how that happens. So go ahead, try it, and see if you like it!

Oh, and The Sterlings Family Saga. I’m almost done sanitizing those words from that series. I like that series very much, though! πŸ™‚

Until tomorrow!

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Much love,

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