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Soul Mates Release Date Explanation

So I released The Deception, book 2 of Hercules and I trilogy.

I’m finishing book 3 now but I don’t have an editing date scheduled until late August.

I’ll see what I can do about securing an earlier date. I set the release date for Soul Mates as November 30, 2021 to appease the Amazon gods. They’ll let me move the release date up without penalty but not push it back.

I should’ve followed my gut and released Tempting Fate when the entire trilogy was complete. But I got excited about the new series so I released it early. But, I did it so… There’s no use crying over spilled milk.

However, the purpose of this post is to let you know that I’m going to get you Book 3 as soon as possible. I’m hoping by the end of August.

For an August release date, I would have to land editing by next month. If I have to wait until the already scheduled August date, then I’ll have the book to you by late September. After a two-week edit, the manuscript clears two rounds of proofing. And the proofing is what takes so dang long. However, I can figure out different avenues of proofing to help circumvent how long it usually takes to clear proofing with my current editor.

But never fear, Soul Mates will be released well before November 31st. So, please, don’t let the November 30th date spook you. That date is merely a placeholder. And actually, the book will be finished by early next month. But I can’t just put my book into just anybody’s hands. I have to know the editors, I’ll work with. And the ones I know, stay booked up. Therefore I’ll be praying for a cancellation. Just like I canceled. I had a June 25th date that I was not going to make or force myself to make.

Basically, the race is on to find editing sooner rather than later. Wish me luck!🤞

Stay tuned!


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