A Message From Z.L. Arkadie

Good News! Soul Mates Release Update

I was able to secure an editing date for Soul Mates in mid-July!

That means I’ll probably release Soul Mates: Hercules Valentine and I (Book 3) in late August or early September.

I’m wrapping up my writing for the day but I’m working as hard as Santa’s elves on finishing the trilogy.

It’s going to be a big ending. I don’t want to rush it. But I have all of these plot points I want to hit, leading to a killer ending that takes us into the next couple’s story.

Ooh I want to tell you. But I can’t. Sigh…

The thing about plot points is some of them I’ll hit, some will change and some will fade away. 😊


TTYL (That’s talk to you later)

It’s time to officially wrap up my workday and then relax with another cup of tea.

I’ll let you know the official release date soon. It’ll probably be Tuesday, August 31st. If not 8/31, then it won’t be much later.

Stay tuned!



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