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Z.L.s Publishing Update 7-26-2021

You know those books I wrote during a pandemic that reflect how I was coping with this terrible era in our world’s history? That’s what’s going on with the Valentines.

Did you know that The Billionaire Hercules and Valentine and I books are set in the year 2065? I put them in the future because I hated everything about the moment.

I hated how we as a species were dealing with the pandemic. I wanted to run far away from the people of today.

And I think the story is longer because I was living in that world with my characters and in a universe where none of what we were going through EVER occurred.

Like, in the Hercules Valentine and I books, our species brains, are not what they are now. Do you know what I mean by that?

I was just so fed up with us. So, I created a species of humans in 2065 who aren’t entitled, aren’t self-centered, aren’t mean, aren’t angry, aren’t un-empathetic, aren’t judgmental, value intellect, and value those who choose not to be intellectual. They’re not bitter on the inside because they made all the wrong decisions for their lives and so now they operate like crabs in a bucket. They’re not using sex as a numbing agent. They are untouched by all the crap, all the history, all the harmful influences, that make us, us.

So I spent most of book one, Tempting Fate, make the characters their own species of human beings.

I am so glad I finished The Christmases before the bottom fell out. I think we’re existing in this strange era where we are still very broken and we’re waiting for the newer generations to take their seats at the table. They’re more empathetic. Inclusive. Less judgmental. Tolerant. Believe in kindness as strength. Insightful. Emotionally brave. Openminded. Less violent. They like to have fun too. They will never kill themselves to be “perfect.” Because what the hell does that mean anyway? Basically, for me, the future can’t come fast enough, and that’s why I wrote that Utopia in the Valentines.

However, it’s not going over so well in the marketplace. Because no one understands it. It’s TOO before its time. But the story was my indulgence. And I hate indulgent writing. And yet, I did it. Yes, I did it.

So, as I said to my mom the other day regarding the Valentines–“I’ve got to know when to hold them. Know when to fold them. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.”

“Why don’t you write the story the way you should’ve?” she said.

Index finger pressed against my pinched lips, I replied, “Hmm…”

Anyway, I don’t want this to go on too long because I have a lot of work to do today. Soul Mates is now with the editor. I’ve been working on figuring out what to do with the LOVE in the USA series. And I’ve been figuring out how to stay consistent. One thing I’ve been looking at is my backlist, which has to match the stories I tell today, i.e. The Christmases. But I don’t want to throw away those old characters. I love writing about members of families finding love by overcoming their wounds. I started outlining a new story featuring characters named Daisy Blanchard and Belmont Jack Lord. Everybody’s going to be different though. Heloise is going to be different. Belmont is going to have more brothers. His mother’s alive and… Sigh… You’ll have to read and see the rest.

One of my assignments was reading reviews and listening to what readers like about my books and don’t like.

You like my heroes. You like that they’re alpha but their power doesn’t come from bending the heroine to his will.

Thank you for recognizing that. Real powerful men exist. And their sacred masculinity is not in brute power or being a caveman. What’s up these scenes in romance where he carries the young woman over his shoulder like a caveman???? So horrible. Just horrible. Sigh.

You like the twists and turns, and the mental health aspects between two characters who are falling in love.

I read people say that they DON’T like how fast the story goes. I kind of get it, but if I don’t stay in the body, then I’ll lose you. However, I know that staying too long in the body can make the story so stressful that you won’t want to have the experience again. In my next series, I’m looking to strike a balance.

You also don’t like my crass language. I get that too. I didn’t start off writing that way. As a matter of fact, I had a problem with using curse words, as I didn’t curse. Also, I didn’t like writing pussy or dick.  I even sanitized those words, along with the f-word, from the entire Christmas series. I’ve taken them out of the LOVE in the USA series as well, but I haven’t published the sanitized versions yet. As I reading through those books, I just don’t… I mean… I don’t understand why Vince, a man with no children, has gotten a vasectomy. Like, dude, what was going on in my head when I wrote that???

That kind of stuff. You know.

And some of the dialogs between Vince and Maggie feel strained. I just don’t want those books out there. One writer, I liked his new work and so I read his old work. I realized that if I would’ve read his old work first, I would’ve never read his new work. So what I have in the marketplace MATTERS. That means, LOVE in the  USA does not rise to my current standards. And yeah, I still don’t get the vasectomy. And Belmont is doing too much, too soon. It’s weird. Sigh… And Charlie. Gosh, he’s so… Immature. I think Vince is okay though. I like him in He’s So Bad. I don’t know. The jury is out on LOVE in the USA. I might condense the books, take out the OFFENSIVE parts, and then slap a pen name on them. I’ll let you know what that pen name is though. I just want to separate them from my current. Or, I can slap a pen name on my current work. I’ll see.

Not many authors would judge their books this harshly, but I’m confident enough to say it. It is what it is. What you read from me, matters. I want to ALWAYS bring you my best.

Anyway… I’m getting the new story featuring Daisy to the editor in September.

As far as the Valentine goes. I want to continue with the next brother’s story, but I’ll have to see that you are really interested it. I mean, it’s so different from Christmases. It doesn’t fit into my library. BUT, I can make the story about the next brother fit. Maybe. Perhaps the characters are too evolved. Because as I said, they live in a Utopia.

Sigh… Listen. If you want to escape into the Utopia, then read the Valentines and go on a mental vacation from everything, including romance expectations! LOL!

Now back to work I go. I’ll keep you updated on my projects. There will definitely be a new release or two by the end of the year. I have to start writing the first book to get an idea of how the story will be told. I’m looking at the storyboarded beginning right now. It’ll start the same as Find Her, Keep Her, sort of. There will be the same offensive act from Daisy’s best friend and ex-boyfriend. And she will get away. But instead of going to Martha’s Vineyard, she’ll go to another island. I’ve made up an island. It’s more fun that way. You’ll learn more later.

And now, I shall end this for real.

Peace and Love,


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