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Soul Mates Update – 8-5-2021




I have canceled the Soul Mates pre-order on Amazon because I changed the release date from 11/30/2021 to 8/13/2021. But the release date will certainly be 11/30/2021.

But it’s not the story you think it’s going to be.

The Decision

I am writing Hercules and Paisley’s story as a standalone in the Valentine Brothers Series. It’s a friends-to-lovers novel. And I’m going to just stick to the romance Jack. My next editing date is September 24th. I’ll be submitting the new story then.

Trying Something New

Releasing the story about a couple as a standalone is somewhat new for me. I’ve released in trilogies or duets so that I can make a book free. That has always been my strategy to gain visibility. It has been so difficult for me to gain visibility otherwise. But I think I understand why. I haven’t written tropey content that sticks to readers’ expectations yet. Well, this next book will be on trope. And the beats will be true romance. Listen, I thought I had been writing real romance beats until I completed my assignment, which was reading more romance novels and gaining a better sense of readers’ expectations.

“Oh, so they don’t want to read a whole section about Paisley building a game app with her team,” I said.

Just stick to the romance, Jack. I mean, Z. LOL!

How Do We Proceed From Here?

At some point, I’m going to release a sneak peek of the new novel. Also, for those who just have to have an ending to the former content, which went from Serendipity and The Ruse to Tempting Fate and Seduction, I’ll make the half-edited version of Soul Mates available on Book Funnel soon. Just so you can finish. Because the book has been written, just not well. It’s not up to my standards. And after I’ve done my studying, I realize that my beats for the entire series are mostly out of the range of romance.

I’m changing that.

Like, right now. And once I pull those beats into line with real Friends to Lovers Romance, the story has the potential to be seriously gnarly. And so now it’s time for me to get a cup of Butterscotch Blondie tea by Tazo with oat milk and get to writing!

Oh. Just so we’re clear, for those who want it, I’ll make the previous version of the Story about Hercules and Paisley available to you via Book Funnel. I’ll shoot to have it up by Monday. The first version of Soul Mates has cleared the first rounds of edits. But I ended the process as of today because there’s no use in wasting my editor’s time. The entire story will be a free book. That means, the Bookfunnl free book will combine books 1-3 into one book. Also, I’ll be canceling ALL pre-orders for the version of Soul Mates that’s connected with Tempting Fate and The Deception.

Okay. Now I’ll go get that tea!

Much Love,

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