Her or Her – Zoey or Z.L. The Final Answer

Okay, so I may have spoken too soon.

Today, I received my first round of edits back of Crossing the Line from the editor.


The good news is she noticed that I’m going more “straightforward” romance.

But the thing is, the voice and style are still the same.

I’ve been pondering something in the past few days. I’ve been asking myself, “What if one of my favorite authors just upped and changed her name because she’s changing something about the sort of story she tells?” Frankly, I’d be confused. And probably turned off too. I’m thinking… Yes. Turned off.

So, sorry about my last post. I didn’t mean to upset anyone.

Yes. Zoey Locke looks sooooo good on a book cover though! I mean, it’s actually the number one reason why I want to change my name.


Z.L. Arkadie is too serious. BUT. It’s the name I’ve been using for ten years. So I guess, it should keep it. I could see if I weren’t writing about billionaire brothers, family, and finding the one. That’s what I’ve been doing since the beginning. I don’t need a new name for that. I’m finally strongly incorporating romance tropes though–like forbidden lovers, soulmates, fake fiance, marriage mistake, and so forth. I know right??? It’s going to be fun!

However, if I were doing something drastically different like writing about Dragons or Aliens, then I’d change my name. Although my new work will be more lighthearted and not dark at all. So get ready for that. That was another reason why I wanted to change my name. But LOVE in the USA wasn’t dark. There was just too much sex in that series as it stands. I’m still going to rewrite that series one day. Especially now that I’m more seasoned. I mean, like really, why did Vince have to have a vasectomy???? LOL! What was that about, Z?

That was weird. I must admit. The rule is to never criticize yourself like this in public, but I’m criticizing myself for that. I have no idea why wrote that. I’ve taken it out of the book btw. Also, Maggie’s strange pep talk with Belmont has been revised. Sigh… I can’t wait to rewrite that series. I CANNOT WAIT.

Anyway, never fear (Z.L. says to herself), I’m working on making Z.L. Arkadie appear more remarkable on book covers. It’s as if pragmatism is pulling Zoe Locke out of my death grip. Trying to toss her in the can and warn me to stay who I am.

I hear you Ms. Pragmatism. I hear you.

Coming soon though will be a sneak peek of Crossing The Line by Z.L. Arkadie and not Zoey Locke 😔. It’s the revised story about Hercules and Paisley. It’s one book, ending with the couples’ HEA. And I’m writing the next Valentine book now. I’ll be tacking on two Grove men stories at the end of the series! One beauty and the beast trope and one sports romance. Nice… I can’t wait!

Talk soon. I want to get book two finished and in the hands of an editor prior to my already scheduled editing date of December 10th before I announce a release date for Crossing the Line. Wish me luck!

Z.L. and NOT Zoey