Reeling from Within These Wicked Walls!

I’ll admit it.

I’m very busy trying to write new stories so I don’t have much time to sit and read books. So, these days, I’m listening to a lot of audiobooks during my drive to the office.

I just finished listening to Within These Wicked Walls by Lauren Blackwood. Believe me, I’m the queen of returning what sucks back to Audible. I had to return one today–it was SO bad. And I have a shortlist of books that drew me in and never let me go. Like, everything Shari Lapena and I also just finished Sally Rooney’s Wonderful World Where Are You. I like to walk into a story. Take the first steps and never stop moving until I make it to the end. Do you know what I mean?

This book is one of those stories. The desert. The heat. She knocks on the door. She enters. And immediately it’s freezing cold inside.  The story starts and doesn’t stop until the end. What a journey.

I think I’m reeling from it because it gave me what I loved while writing Intrigued. I’ve been thinking about that for a while. What I really loved about that story and even Enthrall. And it was people, falling in love in a mysterious edifice–in one case a mansion and in the other a ranch. Don’t get me wrong, I love both stories. But I was so focused on writing a trilogy that I didn’t stick to what could’ve happened in the Christmas mansion. The walls whispered and the ghosts haunted their dreams. Oh… goodness I loved writing those stories.


I got a lot on my plate right now. And… I have to think about income right now too. Like… seriously. What I do is my job.

Oh, btw, Crossing the Line, Hercules Lord (Not Valentine anymore–I’ll tell you more about that later.) and Paisley Grove’s love story will be released on November 30, 2021. It’s one book. I’ll get a sample to you soon.

But getting back to Within These Wicked Walls… You should check it out. It’s well written, and if you like my storytelling, then I think you’ll love this story. Because we both hit the ground running. But what inspired me about this story is the fact that I have nothing like it to go to. And the story was more than just a couple falling in love in a dark mansion, it was about family, clicking with new friends, and learning that someone’s imperfect love was indeed the best they could do and with that love, they loved you wholly.

Beautiful, right?

You know that I LOVE writing family love. I love reading it as it’s written in action. Meaning, it unfolds with the plot.

So this is me endorsing a good book. I rarely do this. I rarely find books that I feel worthy enough to recommend to my fans. Well, this book–I totally recommend.

I’ll be in touch this week with more information about Crossing the Line.  I’ll be straight with you. I’m releasing it in Kindle Unlimited because it’s been hard getting traction on the other stores without a Bookbub strategy. And that strategy can wear out a writer. I want to write smarter, not harder. I will say that for my future gothic romance books because I’m going back to the dark halls of a mansion or an old ranch, I’ll be publishing those books traditionally. I’ve even started outlining already. Gosh… The Christmas books had such great potential in that regard. I wrote a broader story but what if… What if.

Anyway… I am a little confused about the time period of the book I just finished though. It reads like a historical gothic romance. But it’s set in the Ethiopian desert.


You read it and tell me! Within These Wicked Walls.

Let’s touch base in a few days!

Much Love 💕