Z.L.’s Sunday Morning Author Update!

Today I  received a great blog review of my latest new release, Crossing the Line. I loved how she captured the essence of my story! I’m so happy I was able to write a clear, concise, entertaining, and engaging story. I used to write my stories so fast. I don’t want to do that anymore because if I write too fast, then I’ll miss what’s possible.
At the moment and after I finish this post, I’ll start back on Making It While Faking it. It’s taken me longer than I planned to write the book. There are outside forces that have impeded progress. Like I used to rent an office space because when the pandemic hit, coffee shops closed and I needed a quiet place away from home to write. Well… OMG, that building is now bustling with activity. I felt like a mouse, cowering under the claws of cats, trying to get anything done in that place. But I’m out of that place and back on track. 
However, that’s not the only reason it has taken me a lot longer. Slow-burn romance takes longer to write. I have to build the interaction that leads to passion. A month ago, I was halfway through the book. Then I went back and re-read because the characters’ interaction was only getting started and I was 34k words into the story! Yikes. I thought something was off. I had to cut 14,000 words. 
I hate overwriting. I’d rather underwrite than overwrite. But there’s no getting around overwriting. We have to chisel the story out of all of those extra words. 
So, I’m finally back on track. I work in software that makes it easier to plan my future chapters, which I have done, and now finishing the rest of the story is like gravy.
Planning chapters is a new tool I’ve employed. What took me so long!
Oh… And for you Misty Black lovers. I’m also happy to announce that I’ve been planning the chapters of the revised Misty Black, The Seeds of Revenge. That’s what I’m calling the first book. It used to be, Misty Black, The Beginning.  When it comes to Misty Black, I won’t release book one until 1-3 are written and ready to go.
Planning the chapters, delving back into MB’s world feels good, and right. I bet you didn’t know that I made Max Grove, the same man I made Max Black, because I missed Misty and Max so much.
But I took a LONG hiatus from MB because at one point in my life the part of me that wrote that book took a step back and went into hiding deep inside me because I had something to learn, some growing up to do. Other parts of myself rose to the surface. Parts of myself that needed to be resolved and evolved first. 
Well, now that part of me that wrote Misty Black is making its way back to the surface. But my entire belief system has matured. Not only that, but nearly fifty novels written later, I’m just a better storyteller. 
It’s time.
I’m ready.
So get ready for Misty Black. I’m sure it’s going to take me about a year to write the first three books because I’m still writing The Lords of Manhattan, which I also love. The new slow-burn romance stories I’m telling are also part of the same growth that allows me to rewrite Misty Black in a more remarkable way. 
I’m also planning the chapters for Max Grove’s love story. Then, we’ll have Orion. And you’ll meet Treasure’s brother, Lynx in Making It While Faking It. I’ll write his story too. 
So as you can see, I’m writing two very different but important series. And both satisfy parts of myself that I MUST express in fiction. 
By book three of The Lords of Manhattan series, I, Zoey Locke will take over all the romance writing. You’ll only see the Author Zoey Lock on the cover.  And I, Z.L. Arkadie will build the world of Misty Black which is futuristic sci-fi. 
Never fear, I know how to write to distinctive series at once. I’ve done it before with Parched and LOVE in the USA. The good thing is that Misty Black is the first series I ever wrote. I also wrote my own rendition of the of The Yellow Wallpaper. I didn’t know back then that the book falls into the horror category. LOL. IDK. I might re-release it. 
What I’m trying to say is that Misty Black was my heart, and still is. I love being ultra-creative. However, I think I’ve learned to pull back when necessary and keep my feet on the ground, in this world, in reality. 
Okay. So… My inner alarm is chiming. It’s time to make another cup of tea and start the process of finishing Making it While Faking It. I’ve arrived at a pivotal scene between Treasure and Achilles. 
Oh, also, a little FYI, I’ll have the pre-order of Making It While Faking It available on Amazon by Feb 17th. 
Okay, back to work! 
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
Much ❤️ Z.L.