How Far Out Can I Go? Huh???

I finished writing Making It While Faking It for today and now I’m building Misty Black.

The question remains, how far out can go with this story and still have my feet on the ground??

Because I want to go FAAARR Like, FARRRRRRRRRRR.

I’ve been thinking lately about how earth creatures we really are. As human beings, we have our minds, or I guess, we’re so up in the air about who we are down to the demigods we believe in and this demigod state many aspire to retain when they’re dead.

Stay with…

And I’ve been wondering if superhero status, all-powerful status–as we all want to feel, have a power that can transcend our humanity–is staring us right in our face.

It’s like dirt, water, air, the blue atmosphere and the darkness beyond the blue. It’s silence in space. It’s Mars sitting right now as I write, as you read, in existence, with its substance.

Our Creator.

Superpower is our mere existence. Ten fingers to use tools to build our lives with. Ten toes to walk the Earth with. Eyebrows to keep sweat of toil from burning our eyes. The hairs in our noses filter dust.

I had a boyfriend who always trimmed his nose hair. Maybe he shouldn’t have done that. Maybe his nose hairs grow according to his body’s will.

So, I’ve been thinking about all of that lately.

I won’t say more but… Sigh…

Okay so originally I made Misty and her brother creatures called Genetics, their physical abilities created in a laboratory by human genius. But I’m not sure I want to do that this time around.

I’m still thinking…

Because on this Earth, even though we don’t like to sit with ourselves and admit we are limited by what God will allow us to work with. We want to be gods and demigods but only in our aspirations. It’s not practical or tangible. Our beliefs and ambitions will die with us. There’s only ONE BEING who can make super-soldiers, and that BEING made humans.

Still thinking.

But what if????

Still thinking.

Good night.

Much ❤️ Z.L.