This Week’s Sunday Author Update!

Today’s update is short.

Today is Superbowl Sunday in America. For all of those who watch the game–have fun!

I don’t know… I used to watch football but not anymore.

So, I’m working on Making It While Faking It today. I’m hoping to have the story ready to go to the editor before the end of the month. Slow burn takes longer to write than insta-love. And I like writing slow-burn more but gosh, the toiling of it all. I think it’s because I’m just getting out of a funky place in my head and body. I messed up royally when I put my stories about the Christmas brothers in Kindle Unlimited. I wanted to risk it. Try it for three months, give it all I had, and see what happens. What occurred was a serious waste of money, a rise in anxiety, and a severe loss of money. Oh Gosh, I spent so much money on ads that cost more than the return on my investment. It was a disaster. I now get that my stories aren’t cliche enough, on the nose enough, to feed that KU beast. And I’m not going to write that stuff because… I’m just not.

Anyway, here’s the latest and greatest update. The new release date for Making it While Faking It is April 4, 2022. There’s no way this book is going to be ready by March 10th.

I’m also planning the chapters for the 3rd book in this series as I finish the second book.

Hopefully, next Sunday I’ll tell you that I’m done and reading through to make sure the story is tight. 🤞

I hope you have a relaxing and fantastic rest of your Sunday.