This Sunday Morning Update!

Good morning!

Okay, so I’ll make it quick!

I have approximately 3,000 words left to write before wrapping up Making It While Faking It.

I am very happy with the story. I really hate to move  past Treasure and Achilles, but alas, I must.

Last Sunday, I forgot to share the description for the next book. I haven’t settled on a title yet.

But today I can share Delilah’s Two Week Notice with you. Delilah will be the heroine in the next love story in the Lords of Manhattan series. Orion and Delilah’s love story will begin one year after Achilles and Treasure story ends. But even now, Delilah’s around, juggling Orion’s many dates, picking up his dry-cleaning, bringing him room temperature water, doing all of his REAL work, and sigh… Yeah. The money is good, she needs the money, but🖕to him.

I’m going to have fun writing this story! LOL

After Delilah and Orion we’ll wrap the Lords of Manhattan with a Grove of Manhattan, Max Grove and Lake. Poor Lake… Brokenhearted but life and love works in mysterious ways.

After the Lords of Manhattan I will bring you the O’Bannon’s of Manhattan or some other city–I’m thinking.

However after I finish writing the last 3k words today, I’m going to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head and decompress.

And then I’ll get up tomorrow, work out with Jillian Michaels app, shower, and then get to work because I have A LOT to do before starting on Orion’s story, which has to commence before or on Next Monday.

Oh, and FYI, I am rethinking Z.L. as Zoey Locke. I’m finally writing romance that fulfills me. However, I’ve been reading a lot of Lisa Jewell recently, and I love how she melds the human experience, existence and connection to in effectively drive the mystery and suspense in her stories. And there are her tools of the genre and techniques. I think her storytelling ability is brilliant and I want to do what she does from my point of view. Hence, the separation of Z.L. and Zoey. Z.L. was supposed to do the human kind of brand of mystery and suspense as Zoey continues with the romance. Why did i separate? Because everybody who’s in the business of giving authors advice says separate! But I’m not sure I should separate.

However, I’m not sure about diving into mystery and suspense anymore either. Yes, I love reading the genre. But I love a good litfic too. I love a mad psychological domestic thriller that keeps the story and characters feet on the ground as well. I’ll explain what I mean by that in the future. I believe that this book I’ve just finished achieves romance that’s entertaining, heartfelt and even funny and sexy while keeping the story and characters’s feet on the ground. While of course there’s one element of the story, TRANSPOT, that has its feet off the guard and into the realm of possibility. but I promise to not overdo it.

And sex.

I love to write characters who truly enjoy sex for more than control and purpose of flipping power dynamics. I love to write the spiritual connection of sex, and the fun of it.

Okay. NO more delay.

Finishing up. And just finished a cup — of turmeric, ginger and something else tea latte with honey.

I want another.

(A little  haiku for you! lol)

Much ❤️ Z.L.


Rough draft of Delilah’s 2 Weeks Notice

Dear Orion Lord,

A day comes when an overqualified assistant becomes tired of picking up your laundry, managing your many girlfriends, lying to them, acting as your personal alarm clock, and a new low for you Mr. Lord, bringing you cold bottle of water at the end of your run. You run? When did you start running?

Never mind.

The point of is, yes, the money is excellent but you are not. I quit. This is my two-weeks notice.

Not Even Sincerely (Remember to delete D.)

Delilah O’Shay