Sunday Morning Update!

Yay! I’m starting this post during the a.m. hours!


A lot has gone on this week. Monday through Friday have been very busy indeed.


First of all, “Making It While Faking It” is in the multiple proofreads stage. I’m so behind on reminding you and others that the book is coming. But I’ll be catching this week–making ads, newsletter posts, etc.


Why am I behind you ask?


The answer is Intrigued. I’ve been updating that book, fixing its weak points, and strengthening the prose and readability. It’s better. It’s like, BETTER.  The weak points were the POV and overwritten slow and non-essential story details. I also overwrote the siblings to where they came off as caricatures and not characters. I mean, why would you want to read about Asher or Spencer if they’re depicted so extremely in book one? And the sex… Oh the sex. It was like a traffic jam. But I evened out the sex out, and now it flows like smooth traffic. 


And the line editing… Sigh. Oh, the line editing. “I would’d had” had, had, could’d had, had, and more had. Sigh. Pro tip: If your editor is relying heavily on any style guide for fiction, give them the ax. That means they have no idea what they’re doing. You don’t want to start writing to their tastes, your stories will read stale and lifeless. I discovered this way too late. Listen! That’s why growth and evolution, LIVING to learn, is a beautiful thing.


But intrigued is finished! The update is the active version. I didn’t make a new book altogether because I don’t want to lose my store history on that novel. Plus, it’s essentially the same story just BETTER. First-person present tense. I’m going to draw you in, and never let you go. I’m working on Desire now and then Claimed. And then Enthrall and all of those books. Seduction and Embrace. And then Destined. Now don’t get me wrong, the current books are good, but I’m going to make them BETTER. This will be my summer project. My brain is going to be on fire by the end of the summer.


I’m also still writing Orion’s story–Boss On Notice. I love how I took my time to craft Making It While Faking It. I want to do the same with Orion’s story. 


I can understand why writers who craft thoughtful prose can’t rapid release for the money. It takes time and attention for the brain to craft a solid story with a strong foundation. Listen, I could’ve gone on and on and on with Treasure and Achilles. I love them as a couple. I think Treasure is the girl all girls want to be. And she’s thorough, not a cookie-cutter cutout. You’ll see what I mean. I’m getting a feel for Orion’s soulmate at the moment. I think soulmates are always the ones that you will never pick but you end up picking for some odd reason or another. This means, the coming together of the characters has to be more than skin deep.


Anyway… I’m working today of course. Got some reading recommendations for you… Anything and everything Lisa Jewell


Aso, make sure you get the updated version of Intrigued! I promise you’ll love it! As I said, it’s just simply–BETTER.  


Here comes April 5th! Sneak-peek coming soon!