This Sunday Afternoon Author Update!

Happy Sunday!!!

I feel good today. I completed a lot of non-writing tasks this morning–yay.


So… Let’s give you this week’s author update.


By the way, I love doing this. These posts keep me on target.




As I mentioned last week, I finished revising Intrigued for the better. And it is better! The best way to know that it’s better is to track read-through. Those who complete the new version of Intrigued are more than likely to read Desire and Claimed. And I think I’m getting some algorithm love for it.


I knew it, though. In my business, gurus are always trying to make us look at everything besides the real problem as to why our books are not selling so well. The problem is always the product. I’m at my best when I’m writing in my body, and for me, that first-person present-tense, and I can write a mean third-person present-tense too.


So yes, I’m improving the entire Christmas family series. I’m halfway through Desire, and then I’ll do Claimed.




On a different note, while undertaking the massive project of “renovating” The Christmas brother series, I’m writing the next book in the Lord of Manhattan series. That means I have to split my writing day between two projects. You can do it, Z! The next book is titled Boss On Notice. You can go to What’s Next and read the description. The pre-order link will be at the end of Making It While Faking It, and it will also be on the website before next Sunday.


By the way, I love crafting Boss On Notice; it’s shaping up to be a fun and romantic read. You’re going to love it!


Remember that Making It While Faking It will be released on April 5. That’s nine days away.


And finally, A GIFT FOR YOU!


If you want easier access to the updated version of Intrigued, you can download it from Book Funnel!


This link expires on April 30, 2022.


And that’s this Sunday’s update! I’m sure I missed something. I feel like I have. Oh… I decided not to do a sneak peek because it’s so close to the release date. It just feels unnecessary at this point.


See you next Sunday!