My Sunday Post!

I’m late with this post today because I’m listening to The Truth About Melody Browne by Lisa Jewell. For the past three hours, tears have burned the backs of my eyes. But I’m done listening for the day. Time to get some work done. 

And oh boy do I have a LOT of work to do.

Well… Making It While Faking It releases on Tuesday! Yay! I can’t wait for the book to be out in the world as I build this new series, and brand. 

I’ve already come up with the premise for the next set of brothers, O’Bannons. You’re going to love it! I’m also outlining Boss On Notice. And I’m still knee-deep in revising the Christmas brothers series. The newest version of Intrigued has impressively increased read-through. I call what I’ve done to the book, “taking the pressure off.” Meaning, getting rid of all the story elements that keep it from performing at its best. 

I’m working on Enthrall now. Oh, boy does that book need the pressure taken off of it. I overwrote a lot of elements and Jada comes off totally unlikable to me at the beginning of that story. I’m sorry about that. I wouldn’t have written her that way if I had written from my heart and not my head. I was trying to appease the Christian Grey and Anna Steele lovers. Of course, I ended up not doing that at all. That’s the thing about creating characters, they are already a part of the author or they’re not. I think that’s why I LOVE Lisa Jewell. We have similar character and world-building tendencies. 

So… I’m finishing Enthrall. I’m also revising Desire as we speak. The changes aren’t huge but again a lot of extra information slows down the action and takes us out of the story. I’m halfway finished with Desire but I stopped to do Enthrall. 

Okay… So that’s this Sunday. 

Oh. One more thing. Earlier changes of Intrigued contained a lot of little pesky errors. I did pay for two proofers, but still, those errors existed. So, I read-through word by word, and found more. It’s also with the best proofreader I’ve ever used. A much cleaner version exists now. But the story… Oh, the story… It is MUCH improved. Like, MUCH improved. Desire is MUCH improved too, and Enthrall too. I can’t wait. Oh boy, I can’t wait until the entire series is taken up a notch. Why hadn’t I done this last year???? Sigh…


If you read to the end of this LONG post… Thank you 😘