Sunday Author Update!

Have you ever been several things at once, all in equal measure?


Well, that’s me at the moment. I’m exhausted, fired-up hopeful, and antsy. 


Making It While Faking It was released on April 5th. Ideally, I’m supposed to sell it for a good two weeks, reminding my newsletter followers to get their copy and so forth, but frankly, I’m spent. And I  have a boatload of tasks to get done.


Okay, so… The final proofread of Intrigued was completed this week. The manuscript is tight, and hopefully, those pesky errors have been resolved.

Book two, Desire, is with a proofreader as of today. She’ll start tomorrow. I’m reading Claimed now, and it’s not bugging me as much as Intrigued and Desire had. I think Cassie, my editor from a few years back, edited the book. I’m going to have to go back to Cassie and this time stay. That sounds like a country song. LOL!


Anyway… So, the new version of Desire will hopefully be available before the end of the month. If I’m re-releasing Desire, then I’ll have to release Claimed at the same time. A lot has changed in Desire. First of all, I got rid of all those pages about the sexual harassment suit and so forth, which weighed the story down. I’ve read the one-star reviews, and I believe that part is where the story gets laborious. It’s gone and replaced with a better plot point. 


As I said, Claimed seems to be chugging along just fine. I’ll have to make sure the story doesn’t mention elements I deleted in Desire. I really want to engross myself in Boss On Notice, though. I’m itching to climb entirely into the story. I’m building my chapters. When I’m done with this post, I’ll email Cassie and schedule an edit. I’m not too fond of deadlines, but I think it took me forever to finish Making It While Faking It because I didn’t have a deadline. LOL! Umm… I need a deadline. Like, so need a deadline. 


Also, Enthrall is being revised, and I hope to have the new version up by May. 


Then… It’ll just be Boss on Notice 100%. I cannot wait. I’ve been wrestling with what kind of gal Delilah O’shay is. I know she’s responsible and loyal. It’s why she remained Orion’s over-worked assistant for all these years. Well, yeah…the money’s good too. But I’m working on building Delilah. I’m waiting for her to tell me who she is. It’s like I’m starting from scratch. I knew Paisley and Treasure before I started Crossing the Line and Making It While Faking It from the Playing with Fire trilogy.


Anyway, you’ll know how busy I’ll be this week. And it’s tax time too!




Okay. That’s this Sunday’s update, and let’s see where I am next week. My prediction is that Claimed and Desire will be revised by then and off to proofreaders. 


I will also have Delilah O’Shay worked out by then. I like writing kind, girls’ girls who have a lot of ambition, humility, and respect for the man she’s falling in love with. 


Hmm… So deep down Delilah must have some respect for Orion. Ahh… She’s a nurturer–kind of like my middle sister. She’s a middle sister! Hmm… The middle sister is the peacemaker too. I’ll see. I will see. I’ve never written a solid middle sister who goes off the rails one night and makes the mistake of her life. LOL! That should be fun. 


Okay… Have a lovely rest of your weekend.


Until next Sunday!

Much ❤️ Z.L.