Sunday NIGHT Update!

Okay, so I’ve been working on revising Claimed all day long. 

Gosh, I’ve chased so many plot points in that book. There are way too many. Same with Desire.

So here’s my plan. After I finish Claimed, which includes getting it re-proofed, I think it’ll be best to combine Desire and Claimed and make the trilogy a duet. The books are going to be shorter apart but the perfect length together. I’ll also retitle it. 


You’re going to have a way better reading experience. I’ll keep the original versions on sale for at least a year; they’ll be separate from the series. I’m keeping them up because some readers will read Intrigued after I publish the combined version of Desire and Claimed, and I want their back-matter to take them to an active book. I’ll just put a note on page one of Chapter one, letting them know that a new version of the story is available. 


Listen, the reviews of Desire and Claimed as they are now are really good. But, I feel the story could have more focus. And there’s so much sex and not enough love/relationship, and I’m fixing that too. Also, I think the first-person present-tense is the POV where I shine. I’ve mentioned that before.


I’ve also been building Boss On Notice. I’ve written out some very exciting chapters this week. OMG, I can’t wait to get the books in the Christmas Family series fixed so that I can move on to Boss On Notice. I’m figuring out Delilah O’Shay too. I don’t want to give anything away. Two weeks and I’ll be done. I thought I would soar through Claimed, but it’s taking me longer to zap the BS plot points.


My final book in the series to fix is Enthrall. Once that book is together, the entire series will be a phenomenal reading experience. The first three and Enthrall, I feel, are/were my weakest. A few weeks ago, I had correspondence with an Amazon rep and the rep mentioned that lots of people were actively reading the new version of Intrigued. Yay! That was a GOOD sign. And I see the difference in the read-through. However, I don’t want Desire and Claimed to exhaust them. With so many plot points to rundown, some readers are through reading about the Christmases by the time the trilogy’s over. I’m fixing that!




I fixed that. And of course, Spencer’s love interest, Jada, comes off sort of unlikable in Enthrall, book 1, but she’s much better in books 2 and 3. I was trying too hard to make her “plucky.” LOL


Then, I’m done fixing that series. I’ll be moving onward. Pretty soon, I’ll be moving too! Yay! It’s about time. 


So… I’m going to step away from my computer for the rest of the night. Tomorrow, I’m back at it. 


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Let’s not forget Ukrainians tonight, and let’s keep them and their homeland in our prayers. 



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