Sunday April 24th Author Update

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying the final day of the weekend.

Earlier this week I thought I wouldn’t be making a post today because really I have no new developments. But I have a few new developments!

As of 4-26-2022, The Lords of Manhattan is out of KU. 

Yesterday, I finished the revision of Claimed and sent it to the proofer. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll release the new version. It is remarkably different than the first version. The plot is tighter–much tighter.

I’m working on the revision of Enthrall, starting today. It shouldn’t take as long as Desire and Claimed had. Again, I had to wipe extraneous plot points that really slowed down the main story.  For instance, why did Jada have to go to the “atrium” and meet this girl, who shouldn’t have been on the estate anyway? Especially if Spencer is hiding out. The fewer people who know he’s there the better–right? It didn’t make much sense for her to be there. So, I’ve been cleaning up those kinds of plot errors.

So… I’ll probably skip a few Sundays because I won’t have an update until I make the updated versions of Desire, Claimed, and Enthrall available. I think they’ll all need to be published at the same time. I predict the new versions of Desire and Claimed are going to excite more readers to want to read more about the Christmases so they’ll move on to the other books. And Jada will be more palatable in Enthrall. 


That’s all for today folks! See you in a few weeks!