Sunday May 15th Author Update

Greetings All!

I meant to write this earlier today, but I’ve been pretty lazy this weekend. I don’t know… I didn’t feel like doing much this weekend.

Significant changes have happened in my life recently; maybe that’s why. It’s so interesting how bad habits survive. I figure out an issue with this one thing–and then voila, that resolves this and this and this and that.  Even when I wasn’t directly figuring out this and this and this and that. Interesting…

Anyway,  getting to my author updates. I’ve finished updating Intrigued, Desire, Claimed, and Enthrall. They were the first books in the series about the Christmas family, and because they were the first, they had suffered the most. The books are now more focused and are no longer such arduous reads. I will ask Amazon to push Enthrall through to readers who’ve already purchased or downloaded the book, but I feel I don’t have to do the same for Desire and Claimed. Claimed ends differently, though. Desire doesn’t have a bunch of plot points to wade through–talk about overwritten. I wish I hadn’t written those books so fast. The read-through has improved dramatically. If only they were as strong as I’ve made them now in the beginning. There’s a beauty in crafting a story at a steady pace, allowing the story to come to me. But as far as the other stores: Google Play, Apple Books, Nook, and Kobo, you should be able to update your previous version and get the new version. 


Also, I’ve completed the first chapter of Boss On Notice. I figure I could write a chapter a day and try not to work on the weekends. I need my weekends back. I feel I’ve been missing out on spending more time with friends. It’s time to reach out to them and make plans to see them. Recently, one of my friends posted a picture of her twenty-year-old son that I used to babysit!!!! I was like, who is this person? He was still a little boy when I last saw him. This is crazy. We have friends for a reason so yeah…I have to take breaks and nurture those relationships.

Shoot. I came downstairs to make myself a mocha. It’s almost eight p.m. Dang it. The caffeine might keep me up late.


I’ll make one anyway. I’ll do a workout, and maybe I can sweat it out. If not, then I’ll just start my Monday chapter writing during the wee hours of the morning.

All right… Making that mocha.

Those are my updates.


Much ❤️Z.L.