Sunday May 22, 2022 Author Updates


I thought I wouldn’t have an update for this Sunday but I actually do! 


I’ve decided to republish the original of Desire and Claimed. I should’ve stuck to my instincts and trusted the data and never changed the books. Listen, apparently readers seem to prefer the originals of Desire and Claimed. I sort of felt it in my bones. Sure, the newer versions are tighter but the originals have sort of a crazy kind of oomph to them. LOL! That’s the best way I can describe them. Also, their sexier–so much sexier. Back are those hot, hot, OMG, way too hot sex scenes. LOL! So…as of very early this morning, the originals are back live and won’t be changed. The name of the Christmas family’s corporation will be slightly different in Intrigued than in the other books, but that’s all. I’m sure the name of the family’s company is of minor consequence. 


What a waste of time and money though. It took me a few months to revise Desire and Claimed. My instincts told me to leave them alone but I didn’t listen to my instincts yet again. The last time I didn’t listen to my instincts I put my best-selling series in Kindle Unlimited and that nearly broke me. It was before Intrigued and Enthrall were rewritten though. But still… Kindle Unlimited requires true tropey kind of material for success and that series was not tropey at all. 


Sigh… Anyway… I’m getting through Boss On Notice, which is actually on trope,  just fine. After writing the first chapters, I know I said this before, but this book, I feel is going to be my best yet. I can feel it in my bones. I’m challenging myself in a different way.


OMG… I want to spill the beans but I won’t. Let me finish my complete first draft first and then I’ll figure out how to share portions of the story with you! 


Crossing the Line is still free. But I’m about to slap a price tag back on the book very soon. It’s been free for so long because on Amazon it’s getting that tropey love. What I mean by that is that I don’t have to sink a lot of money into ads to give away a good amount of books. Crossing the Line is sticking in the ranking on its own. I’m a little excited about that actually. It’s been so long since that happened that I hate to let it go. However, it’s time to make the book “paid” again.

I was trying standalone with the Lord of Manhattan series and frankly, I’m not sure I like writing standalones. They feel limiting. Like… I would’ve loved to kick it up a notch and have thrown a monkey wrench into Paisley and Hercules’s perfect relationship by writing a book two at least. And boy, I wanted to do the same with Making It While Faking it. Book two would’ve started after Leo and Xander made their final move against the Lords. I felt a great book two was on the horizon after that. Didn’t you???



So… I’m not sure if I’m going to limit my stories in that way again. I’ll keep you in the loop regarding Boss On Notice. I’m writing the story as I feel it, but if  I feel I don’t want to wrap it up in one book, and the story is begging for more, then I’ll let you. 




I think this is the last update I’ll have for several weeks. 


Oh… I had given a narrator Crossing The Line but I hadn’t heard back from her in months. I guess she’s busy and frankly so am I. I think I’ve been focusing on the wrong projects with the Desire and Claim revisions. Sigh… Enthrall, however, was rightfully revised.  It’s so much better. So. Much. Better. I’ll figure out audiobooks for either the Lords of Manhattan or A Dark Billionaire Family Romance Series soon. I need to find a new narrator and that takes time. Sigh… I wish I could have a narrator with an English/British accent because I’m telling you, Lisa Jewell’s top narrator is top-notch. Also, the narrator for Within These Wicked Walls was superior too, also English/British. IDK, who says my character have to have an American accent? I think the Obannon brothers will be Americans raised in London! Hmm…🤔 I’ll figure it out. Wish me luck!


And now, I shall leave you to your Sunday. 


Toodles for now!