Sunday, June 12th Author Update!

So I have been moving from one house to another since June 2nd. It has been an arduous move, but I’m finally settled. Yay!


I’m finishing up Boss On Notice, but this post mainly concerns what happens next. So there are two Grove men stories, Lynx and Max, left to tell. In Boss On Notice, you’ll get to know Lynx Grove a bit better. Of course, they will not be in the Lords of Manhattan series because they’re Groves. Also, I’ll take about this “series” thing below. But, I want to get a feeling for which book to write first. I’ve had several ideas about Max’s story. There’s a trope I’ve wanted to tackle for a LONG time–the amnesia trope! 


I think Lynx’s book will be easier to write because I’m strongly leaning toward the friends-to-lovers trope. I’m working out the story in my mind. So far, I like it. I like it a lot. I think the best thing to do is close out with Max and ****. I won’t write her name just in case someone reads this post before reading the books. However, the hard part of planning this story has been to get the two characters in each other’s lives daily. But I’m working it out. Or better yet, fate is working it out. 😉


I’ll be making a few posts in the future. I want to explain Zoey and Z.L. a bit more. The two names are one atom on the verge of separating, especially now that I’m changing my writing style and hopefully venturing successfully into T.V. There’s a lot I know about being a writer, important stuff like branding, tropes, and audience expectations that I didn’t know before starting my career as a book author. But I know two names on my recent work can be confusing, especially to new fans. I’m not sure that was the right thing to do; I strongly feel like it was. And I’m not even done with the more significant project I have in mind of making some Z.L. books into Zoey. As I said, I’ll be blogging about it soon. I think you’ll find it quite exciting and promising. You’ll know that I’m in this for the long run. I’m refining my career and work by putting out fewer and more quality books a year. I can write for television and still write romance (I’ll blog on my new style of romance soon as well.) if I’m not breaking my neck trying to finish a series. I do my own ads and one of my most successful targets is Colleen Hoover; go figure. It was like the ad platform algorithm revealed that to me. So I took a look at her work and saw that we have similar writing styles. However, my branding is different than hers, which tells me that buyers open and read my book in preview then recognize the similarities in our writing and buy either Crossing the Line or Making It While Faking It. I would have to put those books into K.U. to learn if they go the distance by finishing the books. For the brief time I had my books in K.U., I saw that most readers finished them. Yay! IDK… K.U. is a BEAST I have yet to figure out sooner rather than later. The fact that Crossing the Line had stickability when I made it free is an indication that I’m the right track. I might have to pay a specialist to rebrand the covers for The Lords of Manhattan series soon.


But listen… No more series after I finish with the Grove men. I’ll blog what I mean when I say that too. I’m kicking my career up a notch. I want you to come back for more of my books because you like how I tell a story.


And finally, I was serious when I said I’m working on a TV series package based on The Playing With Fire series. But… Like a big BUT, I might go in a different direction. I’ve been binging my favorite TV series as well—The Affair and Succession for two. I’m also catching every episode of The Time Travelers Wife. I’m paying more attention to the narrative techniques applied to build each episode. Although in the end, I will make my series my own. One thing I’ve learned is that the story has to be something that production companies will be like oh, your show is like this show or this show or that show. Like, this audience or that audience will like this show too. And that show had this many viewers and so forth. Afterall… This is business. So basically, the show won’t be romance. It’ll be drama and include romantic elements simply because romance and love are vital to the human experience, isn’t it? I understand this to my core now, especially after going through proufound life changes with family members; LOVE is like blood. We need both to stay alive, which makes humans extremely volatile. 

Hmm… My package definitely will be based on Play ng with Fire. I’ve already writte  the opening scene. Although, I can’t really get in to it until Boss on Notice is complete. 


Also, a total rebranding is on the way. But again, I must finish this book before tackling it. 


And now… I’ve reached the end of this LONG post. Making up for lost time, I guess! LOL! 


I’ll be in touch soon.