Mid-week Author Update – 7-13-2022

So, I’m coming to you on Wednesday this week instead of Sunday because I have a clear plan of which project to start, well, tomorrow!


Boss On Notice is still in the editing phase. However, I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to read Max’s story next. 


Since handing over my manuscript for editing, I’ve been in an incubation period. That means my brain has been in a constant state of working. It has been chasing possible stories and projects up avenues, and crossing grassy field to walkaway from one idea to get to the next. Until, finally, I have found Max’s story. I can’t wait to start beating it out. 


And, so, that’s the announcement! I am writing Max’s story! I won’t put up a pre-order on Amazon though. I find the inflexibility of Amazon’s pre-order process problematic. 




I would love to give you a taste of BON by providing a sneak peak of chapter one. But you see that’s the problem! I would like to have material edited and proofed before submitting to my small ARC team and publishuing snippets. Unedited material does have an effect on reception and perception. 


Stay tuned for release updates. Know that this particular series, The Lords of Manhattan, does triple better in Amazon KU compared to the total of all other stores. I don’t even have to sink a lot of money into ads! That tells me that series has the content that Kindle Unlimited likes. And I’ll take being liked by Amazon Kinde Unlimited all day long. My goal is to be loved by the platform though! 😉 


But I don’t know how BON or Boss On Notice will be received wide or on Amazon. So, I’ll play it by ear, regarding whether it will go into KU or not. The books in the series can solidly be read as standalones. So that’s a plus. However, the book will be released wide on day one.  But OMG, I love the flexibility of writing a standalone.


Okay… That’s all. I’m studying a TV show at the moment. It has been playing while I’ve been writing this so I have to go back a few episodes and start from the beginning. I’m studying Successioin. Gosh, watching the episodes back to back, those siblings are truly awful, but complex, extremely complex. I have no rooting interest… Well, I do. I’m rooting for Greg for the finish.However, last season ended with Tom betraying Shiv, but goodness, watching how she’s been treating him, I see why the writers did it. She deserved what she got. Learning a lot… I am learning a lot.


Alright. Good night!

Much ❤️Z.L.