This Sunday’s Author Update Is A Sneak Peek!

So this Sunday’s author update is a sneak peek!


I got the manuscript back from the editor five days earlier than scheduled! Yay! It’s about to enter the proofing phase, but I think I can give you this sneak peek from chapter one without harming the integrity of the entire manuscript and your future reading experience. 


I’ve learned that distributing my work before it’s at its best can spoil your reading experience and my credibility as an author. So, I’m not distributing my books until they have gone all necessary rounds of editing and proofing. But this sample is compact enough to give you a slice of what it will feel like to read the remainder of the story. 


Okay so, update! I squashing my deadline! Also, I’m beating out Max’s story. Beating out means I am planning my beats. I already know the tropes, but I’ll keep you in suspense for now just in case they change. Anything is possible when you’re writing a story. The creative process is a dynamic activity. 


And now without further ado, check out a sneak peek of Boss On Notice below!



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