Monday Morning Author Update, 8-1-2022

Well… tomorrow Boss On Notice will officially be available for purchase in all stores. On Google Play, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble the book is available right now! You read that right, you can get it RIGHT NOW. I’ll add the link below.

I don’t know, I’m feeling a little subdued about this next release. Usually, around this time I’m worrying and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. However, I think I’m more subdued because I finally discovered the answer. 

If the book is written to market, then it will sell at least on Amazon. The other stores??? I don’t know.  But Amazon, yes. 

As I said before, I put Crossing the Line and A Fake Love Deal (formerly Making It While Faking It) in Kindle Unlimited. Those books do so much better in KU. I won’t pull them out because they do quadruple times better in KU than out of KU.  Therefore, if you purchase your books from other retail outlets, then you’ll have until August 6th to purchase Boss On Notice at those stores. And, again, you can buy the book from those retail outlets right now!

In other news, I’ve been messing with my covers for the Christmas brothers series a lot. I wish I could stop doing that, but for some reason, I feel as if I have to get them just right. I have to learn how to let that series be. I don’t know… Sometimes I think I mess with that series so much because I miss those characters. I loved writing that series. I really did. In my latest iteration of the covers, I took the human image off of them. I’ll see how that works out. 

Sigh… I must stop.

Also, at the moment, I’m working on Max’s story. I don’t have a title yet. I’m also working on a television series, going back to my screenwriting roots. But as far as a TV series goes, there are three different projects warring for that top spot in my head. You see, you have to write a TV series a lot different than you write a book. There are A stories, B stories, and C stories all taking place in one episode. And, all those stories are working toward the same episode ending.  As of right now, I think I have to go with a TV-series-friendly rendition of Playing With Fire. It’ll be a feet-on-the-ground, realistic, futuristic family saga drama.  No one does feet-on-the-ground TV like the Brits. I’ve been binging BritBox like crazy. I love how they don’t sugarcoat the human condition. No pretty outcomes wrapped with red bows for them. I love it!  Britbox is like yeah, crap happens because we’re human and we can still find our happiness no matter what. I think… Hmm… Now that I think about it, I think I’ve been affected by all those shows I’ve binged this weekend. Two of my favorites are Age before Beauty and Single Dad. I highly recommend those series.  I’ve gotten into a few of their Moving On episodes as well, which are like woe-Nelly. LOL! Dude… I like it though. Now I realize why Lisa Jewel is one of my favorite authors. Single Dad really felt like one of her books. 

So basically, as far as original content goes in the novel writing world, I’ll be working on my first Grove cousins’ book, featuring Max first, although I think a lot of you will want to read Lynx’s story as soon as possible. I would’ve gone with Lynx first, but there’s a scene in Boss On Notice where Max and Lake are seated at the same table. Well, that scene is several months after where the book I’m writing now starts. So, that’s why I’m starting with Max’s story first. 

Okay, I’m up late here, or early, depending on how you look at it. It’s 2:42 a.m my time (but I’m scheduling this post to send later). Maybe I’m a little nervous about release day. I don’t know…

Anyway, you’ll hear from me on August 2nd, and I’ll let you know Boss On Notice is available everywhere, but no more gimmicks. You know… 5 days left posts. 4 days left, etc. None of that has ever worked, and even as a reader, it doesn’t work on me. Lisa Jewell’s next book comes out this month, and I’ll go grab it when I’m ready. All of those other tasks were me overcompensating for not writing on trope. That’s the key! That’s the big secret. I really don’t have to put some much money into advertising The Lord of Manhattan series on Amazon.  I have a fake relationship, forbidden romance, and opposites attract, and all are 100 percent romance. Therefore, I don’t have to work so hard to sell the books. Sure, I would do a lot better if I wrote bully, single dad, friends to lovers, or secret baby. Bully, I’ll never do. NEVER. And I did try friends to lovers and failed because it wasn’t 100% romance. But… I don’t know. One of those tropes I mentioned will be represented in Max’s story. Guess which one? 😉

And here’s quick access to BOSS ON NOTICE

Okay…going to bed.

Much ❤️Love