Author Update! 8-10-2022

Greetings All!!!


I so meant to write this post on Sunday. I was actually writing the post, but then my mom stopped by, and we binged the entire season 1 of Dr. Foster on BritBox. FYI, totally recommend it.


I’ve been binging A LOT of TV series recently, especially shows on BritBox. Single Dad and Age Before Beauty are also two of my favorites. As I have mentioned several times, I’m developing a television show. The idea, the characters, the setting, and all the other story elements have been incubating inside me. I know the best series have characters with delicious “wants.” For instance, in Succession, the children will do whatever it takes to claim the top seat of their father’s company.  In Game of Thrones, there was a lot going on, but the simple want was revenge for killing Eddard. Screw the iron throne. The Lannisters beheaded a good man, broke up a happy family, killed the mother and favorite son, and for the love of God they must pay. GOT would’ve been another barely noticed fantasy series without that as a major want/motivation. At the moment I’m devouring season 2 of Industry which is already far better than season 1. And “the want” is for our main character, Harper, to grow, succeed, and come out on top. 


So, I’m trying to come up with a compelling want for my series. I can have all the right elements, but if a clear and concise WANT hasn’t been established before I pound out episode one, then I’m just wasting my energy.


But like Industry I plan to set my series in London. I used to work for an English company over ten years ago. It was my first interaction with the English. I couldn’t quite understand their culture then, and I sure as hell know I was an anomaly to them. I’m a lot different now than I was back then, though. There’s so much to appreciate about their ways and their culture. Like, I binged a season of Selling London, and they’re just different than the guys of Million Dollar Listing, and that’s a good thing. So, I’ve been getting a feel for my characters, figuring out how they all will behave according to their experience in the world which makes them.


Anyway… I’m loving the incubating process that’s occurring while developing that series. I’m just trying to solidify my compelling “want.” 


I’m also writing the beats to Max’s story. We all know that Lake is his love interest and since my books are almost always written from the female’s POV, then surprises! Lake is the protagonist. I’m glad I already know her. I also know what she wants. I also know why she wants to resist Max. But Max is a different animal. It’s not that I don’t know him very well because I do. But he’s not a happy camper. But he’s content. He dates. He screws every now and then. I mean a man has needs. But he’s so driven by destroying the Lords that he has no room for love in his vengeful heart. So… Even though Lake fascinates him, he’s never wanted to walk down the aisle with her or anybody else. He wants the Groves out of his life and pounded into the dirt. And watch out Orion! If you read Boss On Notice, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Max is not your friend.

Yet… 😉

His heart will soften and heal. It’s a want he doesn’t even know he has. 

So that’s the story I’m writing now!


Two projects. The TV show is a big swing I’m taking. If I’m able to craft eight unputdownable episodes right off the bat, then I won’t miss. 


And so, those are the projects I’m working on right now. Of course, I’m forever fooling with my covers. I need to stop it. I think the time has come to start paying a cover designer again because I waste too much time doing and undoing my own work. You’d be amazed by the hours I waste changing this guy out or that guy out or adding this element or changing the fonts. It’s crazy.



Also, I’m teaching myself to work out with Jillian Michaels on FitFusion TV first thing in the mornings and to stand 8 minutes for every 20 minutes that I sit. It’s important for my health because my job is so sedentary. 


Oh, and I hope you enjoyed Boss On Notice. So far, I can tell you are enjoying it. It’s doing quite well. I know when I wrote a book people love by what happens afterward. For instance, I’m getting a lot more people subscribing to my newsletter on a daily basis. And for those who want a repeat performance of Boss On Notice, you know, that same, I can’t put it down experience, don’t worry, I can do it again. You see, I was very intentional about how I wrote that book. As you can see it’s shorter than the other two in the series because I just stuck to the romance Jack. LOL! Boss On Notice is all about the interaction between Delilah and Orion, and it will be the same for Lake and Max.


Okay… So that’s my latest update.


Oh! Also, I changed the title from Making It While Faking It to A Fake Love Deal. In the future I will try to keep my titles to three words or less. And more assonance than cossonance. People are more attracted to assonance. I knew this from one of my many classes, but I forgot about it. So, the title Enthrall, the first book in Spencer Christmas’s trilogy, may change to something else.  Also, calling the family, the Christmases is wreaking havoc on sales during the summer. At some point in the near future I’m going to have to give them a new last name. And that means the first sentence in Intrigued might change. But you’ve already read that series, right? So, the change will be for future readers. If it even happens at all. I should just let it be and move on. I think that might be the healthiest thing to do. Sigh…

Getting there…I’m getting there.


FYI, I don’t think I’ll be back with another update for a while. Just know that I’m working on Max’s book. After the first draft is written and ready for an editor, I’ll let you know my planned release date. I just might get started on the actual prose next week which means you might see a mid or late-November release date. I mean, there’s a time of the year when it’s not beneficial to release a book. It actually might be November, but I’ll do some research and get back to you.


And, The Lords of Manhattan will stay in Kindle Unlimited where it continues to make quadruple what the series made wide. I just think Amazon has a fairer algorithm. That’s what I learned! Write a book that people want to read because it’s a proven trope; write it right, and the Amazon algorithm will reward me with visibility. Voila! That’s it. The secret sauce I’ve been looking for. 


Okay… I think that’s it! If I think anything I missed, then I’ll make another post. But you probably won’t hear from me while I write Max’s book. I am trying to flesh out the right title though. Sigh… Wish me luck. 


Try to have a wonderful rest of the month!