Author Update – Sunday, 8-14-2022

Well, I’ve done it. And I’ve done it because if I want to rectify my mistake, then I have to do it. When you learn better, you gotta do better and stuff like that, right?

So, I’ve changed the Christmases to the Blackstones. Why? Because when the season of greetings and holiday parties and such is over, that series sinks faster than a boulder in a lake. 

And it’s frustrating. Sigh… The amount of work that will go into making the changes include emailing Amazon and asking them to update everyone’s books. I have to update the covers too. 


Moving on.

You know what? I’ve finally realized that I must respect the incubation period of creating fiction. Because I had a certain story in mind for Max and Lake, but thanks to the incubation period that story is turning out to be something different, something better. 

 I really want to challenge myself even more with Lake and Max’s story. So, I’m doing that. It’s fun!!! I can’t wait to get deeper into this story. 

I’ve also been thinking about human beings. Like, for instance, on Saturday I was watching House Hunters, and this controlling mother was making her daughter’s house hunting experience a living nightmare. The daughter was visibly annoyed, and as mom kept being critical, the daughter had a way of ignoring her but embracing her. It was a bad case of pathologies on display. And all I kept thinking was how uncomfortable I was feeling about this!  The daughter had a beautiful baby girl. And I just knew the daughter wasn’t with the father because of the mother. Like, she totally sabotages her daughter’s relationships. I just know it. Because she was showing the world that’s exactly what she does on live TV. And then I also watched the movie, The Squid and the Whale. I watched it first in 2005, but I thought it would be great to watch it now when I finally “get it.” I mean, those parents being depicted are narcissistic as hell. Then I remembered the mother from the House Hunters episode.

Anyway… I don’t know why all of this crashed into my incubating process. But it has!


You know what, I’m a sugar addict. Like right now I’m craving cinnamon licorice from Hadley’s. O.M.G. Talk about melt in your mouth. I can eat that licorice forever. But I am kicking this addiction, so, no. Nope. Nope. Nope.

My TV series is about a mother and daughter. It’s not quite romance so I’m not writing it in book form. The mother is a grifter, and the daughter is estranged from her. And her mother has found herself in this fabulous situation and the daughter can’t avoid her any longer. There are other characters of course. So I have to write out all the character profiles before I bang out a solid first episode. I have been devising at least four, maybe five characters, in my head. Also, Max, Lake and another character, I’m calling her Amy for now, are living in my head too.

So… Yep. This is the process. I read reviews sometimes, and it’s clear that we writers make this look too easy. But it’s not. It’s sacrifice. That’s why it’s best to write one story at a time; really, it is. I’m writing two right now, but at least they’re for different mediums. 

Okay, so, that’s all for this Sunday. 

Oh, also, I think the titles Intrigued and Enthrall should be changed too. The algorithm hates those titles.

Ugh… (Groaning) IDK. The jury’s still out on that. But I figure if I start, then I might as well go all the way.

Wine… Red wine. I’m writing this on Saturday night for Sunday morning, so a glass of wine is in order.

Nah. No wine. TV! It’s time to find another good series on BritBox! 

Much ❤️ Z.L.