Series and Surname Change: From Christmas to Blackstone



I hope you are well.


I’m posting a little FYI today. I want you to know that I’ve changed the name of the Christmas family to the Blackstone family. 


So the series A Dark Billionaire Family has been changed to The Blackstone Brothers. For instance, Jasper Christmas is now Jasper Blackstone. Spencer Christmas is Spencer Blackstone, and so forth. 


Since 2019, around this time of year, the series sinks because store algorithms treat the books in the series as if they’re seasonal stories. I had been advised by a PR professional to change the name of the family last year. When I saw the drop yet again, I decided to move forward and take her good advice.


It’s an arduous process. The new versions are currently up on Amazon and Google Play, and the series name has been changed. I’ll publish the updates to the other stores before the end of the week. 


A note has been added to books informing readers of the surname change as well.


Alrighty then! I have a LONG day ahead of me, so it’s time I get to it!




  • Jeane Coker

    Thanks for the update Hope it works in your favor Never would have crossed my mind that the name would have affected your sales Blackstone is a nice strong name Good luck

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      You’re welcome! And thank you so much for wishing me luck! 😊 Yeah…I know. It’s crazy how titles and characters’ names can determine a book’s visibility. Ideally, I would change the titles Intrigued and Enthrall, but that would cause such a disruption. Thanks again! Z