Sunday September 4th Author Update!



I thought it would be a while before I had new information you might want to hear, but I have something to tell you now!

The next story I’ll release will star Lynx Grove and Xena, Delilah’s cousin. The trope is friends to lovers. They are two ships constantly passing in the night. I’ve outlined chapter one, and will start writing soon. Usually, I outline chapter by chapter. 


Oh, and I’m striving to have the book released in November, December at the latest. I read somewhere October, November, and December are the worst times to release a book. Maybe that’s true. I’ve had releases around that time not do so well. But, was it the material not reflecting any trope? Maybe it was that. People who are consistent and write stories people like don’t have issues with sales from October – December. But, I also don’t want to push it. My Boss On Notice editing duo were the best ever, and I need to give them time to do their best work. We’ll see. I’ll keep you updated.


I can’t wait to dive deeper into this story. And, the fact that I’m not going to schedule editing until around 30k words in, will give me time to craft the story exactly how I want it. There will be no preoders for this book. Preoders have made me rushe stories I wanted to a little more time to finish. I think I’m done with preoders. We’ll see. I’m at least done with them on Amazon. There’s no benefit there. 


Oh… Also, I want to rewrite the Parched series now that I  know more about sticking to the trope. Doing it has been on my mind for quite some time. I’ve even outlined a new beginning. But my goal is to make you think as readers that this can actually happen even though it’s vampire romance. For instance, if my characters can indeed walk on air, I want to put you in their shoes. I need their physical human body to have a reaction to the supernatural. The idea that solid matter can… Sigh… I don’t want to say too much. I just want to write it already!!!


I wish I can split myself up into three authors and finish up the Grove men stories, write the first ten episodes of It’s Complex, featuraing the Hester sisters and cousins along with rewriting the books associated with the series. Hmm… Maybe I should just concentrate on the TV series and not the books. And finally, Parched. I must rewrite it. Or, mabye I write a brand new supernatural series. Maybe not vampires. Maybe some other creature that’s vampire-like. Hmm… An idea just came to me! I like it! I might need an agent for this one though. 


By the way, Z.L. Arkadie will write the paranormal romances. For TV I’m using my full name. And my alter-ego Zoey will craft all romances from this point on. So, the next book will be a Zoey Locke book. Why? Because Zoey has never written a vampire story nor tried her hand at romantic suspense. The algorithm knows that Zoey Locke has only written romances and if Zoey Locke is consistent with writing romance about billionaires falling in love with their soulmates, then the algorithm will love her and reward her handsomely for being consistent. Z.L., however, has been all over the place, and the algorithm is not so happy with her or kind to her. Sigh… LOL


Alright… I’m so excited about getting to work today but I think it’ll be healthy if I treat the rest of the weekend like the Labor Day holiday. 


I’ll give it a try! I really do love my job. Like recently I can now use Grammarly with the software that I use to write my books, Vellum. Before I changed my editing team, the quality on my books had degraded so. Well, Grammarly is fixing those issues. I’ll be back with a post on that. Grammarly with Vellum is such a Godsend. 


Usually my Grammarly shows up when I write these post but it’s missing right now. So, please excuse any errors. 


Alrighty now! I’m ending this. Have a wonder rest of your weekend.