Author Update 11-27-2022!

It’s been an interesting week of reflection and understanding why I gravitated towards romance and why it’s where I should be at this stage in my life.

I mean, the story of my journey is a long one, and it’s personal. I will say that on December 25, 2015, I met someone who forever changed how I write love stories. My pathologies chose this person. I followed him down my rabbit hole. But it wasn’t just darkness. Because his darkness was my fire, my light. I’m forever changed.

I write a lot about family. I wrote this two nights ago as part of my notes for future projects:

We’re first wounded by our family members. They break our hearts first. And we learn to live with that broken heart. Eternalize the heartbreak. Absorb the pain and let it define us. A loving partner is supposed to heal all of that, not magnify it. Not perpetuate it. Growth is knowing the difference. Realizing that the perpetuation is happening, has happened. And lose the taste for it. Evolving we now know that love isn’t true love, divine love if we’re securing our future of unconditional and healing love that nurtures at some portion all five of the languages. 

 So, finally, I have clarity. I’m also happy I split myself in two–Z.L. and Zoe. That’s why I can say with a high degree of certainty that these will be my future projects. So get ready! You’re going to love them. I can guarantee you that.:

  1. Zoey is writing “Striking Love” now.  The title will not be Off Limits because that sounds too sports romance to my ear. It will be Lynx Grove’s books of course. I’m digging more into Lynx’s and Xena’s psyche, making more 3D romance characters. There’s this song by James Morrison. Have you heard it? It’s called You Give Me Something. It reminds me of what separates great art from good art and good art from satisfactory art and then art that’s arguably not art at all. The operative word is EMOTE. We are emotional beings and consume creations that make us feel those ultimate, ideal, and coveted feelings. It’s my job to give them to you. I have rededicated my career to doing just that.
  2. Zoey will write Max’s story next but AFTER… Drum roll…
  3. Z.L. is back with deeply emotional romances that have darker elements. However, this time I’ll include DEFINED tropes and give you those moments that make your heart go dom-dom-dom-dom-dom... Remember I was writing The Sommer Brothers? I plan to revisit the story I started for that series. Although, they will not be the Sommers. The family will have a different surname. I know the name, but I want to withhold it until the first draft is half-written.
  4. Then when Z.L.’s done with the first brother’s book in that series, I’ll write Max’s book as Zoey, moving from darker, intense, spicy elements to fun, deep, slow-burn ones. I can’t wait to give you more info on Z.L.’s next new series.  I can’t wait to get cracking on it!🙃

So that line in that song by James Morrison that gets me is…

“I never thought that I love someone… That was someone else’s dream.”

That entire song is the soundtrack of one looped song for the book I’m writing now.

Here’s the video on YouTube.

You Give Me Something by James Morrison


Peace ❤️