Author Update 12-4-2022!

So now I’m in the thick of writing my next book.


I’ve just tossed the entire first version of the story I’ve been struggling through for two months. You see, writing is a precarious act. Any decision can be made at any point during the process of creating the story. For two months I’ve been deleting chapters and rewriting chapters until I finally concluded that I had been boring myself. LOL!


Okay. So. If I’m boring myself, then I know good and well you’ll be bored too. So two days ago, I scrapped another 12k words on top of the thousands I’ve scrapped before then and started over. I’ve reoutlined a good portion of the new story, and I’m certain I won’t be boring msyelf, and subsequently you, anymore. LOL.


I also canceled my January 9th editing date because I don’t want the pressure of a looming deadline to make me rush the story. I’ll arrange editing, proofing and a release date when the story is complete.


All of Z.L. fans who love the spice, well, Zoey is bringing the spice in Striking Love. I think I’ll be keeping that title. I have to consider sticky titles that algorithms love these days. I’m not sure if Striking Love is it but let me finish the story first, and then I’ll confirm the title.


Oh, and one side note. Since I mentioned title changes, I’ve changed the title Enthrall in the The Blackstone Brothers series, The Boss Billionaire Spencer Blackstone trilogy to Tempting. The casual reader didn’t like Enthrall, so finally, I offically changed it. First of all, I had to put myself in your shoes for Enthrall. That title does nothing for me. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t make me want to read the book. But Tempting… Well… That has promise.


In regards to the newer stuff, I want my ARC team to be ready for Striking Love. I have a small group of ARC readers who let me know when something sucks or not. LOL! I know all of their reactions and can read how a book lands by how they respond to it. I have a feeling, they’re going to need more steam already! Well… It’s back!


In the future I plan to switch between Z.L. and Zoey releases. The next book will be a Zoey and the one after that will be Z.L. (maybe). Goodness, Max’s story is itching my brain. And that’s a Zoey book. So… We’ll cross that road when we get to it. But I have a real bombshell of a story planned for my next darker billionaire brothers series written by Z.L. Oooh… I can’t wait to get into it!!!! Uhh… Just… I can’t wait. Patience, though… Patience.


But first, “Striking Love,” which is going to be good too. And Max’s story… I just want him in my brain already!!! LOL!  I want to see him come to life on the pages.


Next year is going to be exciting! So stay tuned.


Oh, btw, when I say “darker,” I’m not talking about kidnapping, auctioning body, converting serial killers by the power of the vagina, or something like those elements. I’m talking about a family who operates with a certain level of organized, white collar corruption. Like the Blackstones who were formerly the Christmases. I’m talking more like-mafia romance without stereotypical mafia stock characters.


Okay! Time for White Lotus on HBO Max!


Much❤️ Z.L.



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