Midweek Author Update!

I’m aware that this post is a long time coming! LOL

I have been plugging away at my next book. I’m at the point where I’m usually wrapping up the story and stressing over next week’s editing deadline, but that’s not the case this time around.

I’m almost 50k words in, and I’m only just starting the third act. 

I know!!!

That’s different for me. 

But I’ve decided not to race to the end. I’m taking my time and crafting a pure romance. Over the months, I’ve written ten thousand words and then deleted them. And I then did the same thing three more times.

And then there’s this confusing Zoey Locke, Z.L. Arkadie thing I’ve done. 

Sorry about that.

It’s sort of like–um, Z.L., what’s the difference.

Zoey Locke is easier to put on a cover. And if you’ve been paying attention, which I’m sure you have not because you have an entire life to live, I’ve been changing the covers like mad! 

OMG. Don’t get me started on book covers. I mean, you all know I learned Photoshop in 2015 because cover artists are primarily artists, not business people, and they do business like artists too. 

I’ve been trying to outsource that part of my job, but nothing’s changed with the cover artists. The ones who do great business and art have a full roster. The ones which are great artists and do shabby business will make us lose money. And then there are the ones who are not so good. I day WAY better work than them.  Sigh… So as of now, I still do them myself. Which means I’m prone to spend a whole day messing with covers. Which means maybe I can work on having some discipline in that regard. I can do it if I really, really, REALLY make myself. It’s like a cover tweaking addiction. LOL!

And yes. It has been getting in the way of me finishing on time. LOL.

Anyway, oh, I forgot to say, Happy New Year!

I’m finishing up Lynx Goves’sLy book. Hopefully, soon, I’ll be able to share some goodies from the story. I like the story, and I also like the title. There’s no corporate espionage or grudges between families. It’s just two people whose meeting creates this phenomenal chain of events that brings them closer together until they’re happily in love. As my mom said, my advanced, advanced read, it’s Z.L. kind of romance. 

A friend of mine recently said, “Z, do what you do. Stay consistent, and you’ll find the success you’re looking for.” I think that’s just finally sinking in. In my head, I was never good enough. And so I did this and that, and this, but all the stories and genres I tried had the same writing style. My writing style.

Regarding my next book, basically, I’m almost done. I have a new chain of editors who are more suitable for my writing style. I’ll be ready to contact my first editor and arrange a date to submit the first draft next week. 

You see, that’s a new MO for me. I no longer schedule advanced editing dates and then race to a deadline. I’m completing the books first and then booking the dates. Then, once I book the date, I’ll set a realistic release date.

Also, as you are aware, my newest series is in Kindle Unlimited. Despite K.U.’s flaws, it’s easier to make it work in the long run. So I have no plans to move those books out. The next book will also be on Kindle Unlimited. 

I’ll  say more about where my books will be available in the future. Also, I can give this FYI for future projects right now. I plan to revise Once Friends because I missed such an opportunity with that story. I’ll write Max Grove’s book, hopefully starting in early March. It’ll be a feel-good, emotional, struggle to change story, and it’ll mark the end of all stories featuing Groves and Lords. 

Then I’ll move on!!!

All right then. This is today’s big update. Look out for some goodies soon: chapter samples, even audio samples, paperback giveways, etc. I’m trying to get better at new releases. We all know I suck at them! LOL!

Time to get back to work on the story.

Much Love,



    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Hi Madonna!

      Thank you so much for your vote! The consensus is OVERWHELMINGLY B, and I take that result as a HUGE lesson. Instead of making ALL the other covers, which ate up a lot of time, I could’ve been writing. Heck, I’d be on Max’s book by now.
      I guess the bright side is that my cover making skills have gotten better! LOL.

      It’s good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well on your side of the Pond.

      All best,