Z.L.’s Sunday, February 19th Author Update – lots of goodies!

So, I’m approaching the end of the third act of my new book, more complexm tearing up thinking about what I’ve been through to finish this book.


This book is harder than the rest, and I think it has a lot to do with being patient and cra, andting every aspect of this story. I tossed over twenty thousand words while making this book. I mean, I really had to carve out this story. 

Also, I usually write faster, and one thing I’ve learned that if you craft a story too quickly, then you can miss the good stuff. Taking my time, and building my novel sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, and chapter by chapter.



And even  a few gentlemen…

I think I have an annoucement.

The book should be completed before next Friday. However, that is not a hard deadline. Again, I’m chasing my intuition while completing this story to the last word. And so, if the story begs me to write an extra chapter, then I’m writing it. Because today, I wrote away from my outline. Also, I’m lmiting the male’s perspective while writing dual POV. I’ve come to realize the male has to remain slightly mysterious. Plus, since a man is a doer, we don’t want his world to consume the romance. 

Okay, so, with all that said, I’m planning an April 25, 2023 release day. 

After I submit the first draft to my editor, I’ll start working on Max’s story. No rest. I’m getting right to work while the ficitional world is fresh in my head. 

And finally, as for a title for the April 25th release, I still haven’t settled on on one yet. My working title is “Uncommitted” but I have to consider the algorithm. There goes that pesky word again. But I have a list of titles that I’m considering.

Here are my confirmed tropes:

innocent cohabitation

sworn off relationships

oblivious to love

one night stand

Afraid to commit

Can’t spit it out/Say I love you how they feel

Lovers denial



One night stand to friends to lovers


And there you have it!

So, it’s 1:13 a.m. right now. I’m fading fast. 

I’ll be back real soon with chapter samples. Also, I hope to have an audio sample too! Yay!

I’ll have all kinds of goodies with this new release, simply because I’m happy about every aspect of writing the book, especially caring enough for my stories to stop writing under pressure. I mean, I wanted to spend a lot more time with Boss On Notice. Recently, I added over 2k more words. Amazon was supposed to push the new version out to those who bought the book. Did you get it?


I’ll follow up next week to make sure it happened.

Toodles Lovelies!




    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Hi Michele! Thank you so much for greedily awaiting!🙃 I’ll be reaching out to the ARC team soon. I have plans to disburse ARCs differently as well. I got so many great ideas from the last conference I attended about how to make new releases exciting for ARC team members! So stay tuned! And it’s great to hear from you! Z