Author Update! Sunday, March 5, 2023

Well, I’m posting a new author update this Sunday!

It’ll be quick because I’m still finishing up the novel I’ve been working on for months.

I’m learning this is what happens when I’m not rushing. It’s a different process, but I like it and prefer it.

The book is longer too, and it’s not me extending content and repeating myself just to make the book longer than the story. I’m actually giving you a robust read that I hope you won’t be able to put down.

Anyway, so, I have a goodie for you today!

Today, I’m gifting you a chapter one excerpt from my next book, Uncommitted from the  Not So Eligible Billionaires of Manhattan series

I came up with the title because well… The hero and heroine’s lives change because of a one-night stand. 

So, I have a few more key scenes to write. I like to challenge myself by writing the hard stuff. Some of the hardest to write are dinner table scenes, and I have two more big ones to write. I think. I’ll see as I craft each sentence, paragraph, and chapter until the very end. 

However, I will definitely be done by Friday. But I have to say, a new path to the end dropped in my head the other day. I’m pondering it now. I’ll see if I can work it in. It’ll definitely be fun to write and read.

Okay, so without delay, here’s chapter one of the new book!