Sunday, 3-26-2023 Author Update

Okay, so I am laughing deliriously right now because today feels like the movie Groundhog Day! 

I thought I’d be finished with this book by Friday of last week, but I’m not. I’m almost done, though. 

I’ve written to the last scene before the prologue. I had plans to write another BIG scene, but there’s no need for it, and it will only drag out the story. But it’s like one of those scenes I planned since the beginning of the book, and now I have to” let it go, let it go, let it go…”

Okay, so, I actually do have some Sunday updates. Here they are:

  1. I’ve confirmed the title of the book I’m releasing on 4-25-2023, and it is “Once Upon A One-Night Stand.” 
  2. I should definitely be finished writing the book before the end of the week. Definitely. I’m on my way to 80k words. And yes, it’s a standalone romance book. However, I’m not relying upon repetition to pad the page count (that drives me crazy), and I still made sure I crafted a tight story that keeps the pages turning.
  3. I’m commissioning a cover by a proven graphic design company. Listen, I’m exhausted from trying to make the perfect covers. I’m a writer and not a graphic designer. I seriously need to outsource that part of my job.
  4. Regarding The Lord Brothers of Manhattan, I took Crossing The Line and A Fake Love Deal out of Kindle Unlimited early last week and published the books wide. However, I was quickly reminded why I put the books in Kindle Unlimited. They don’t do well wide. I know why and will fix the issues as soon as I complete Once Upon A Night Stand. I feel like the series’ first book has to be stronger for the others to receive their just due. 
  5. I also updated the sneak peek of Once Upon A One-Night Stand. And as of March 25, 2023, the first chapter excerpt is included in the ebook and paperback. Yay! 

So, I’m reading and self-editing the last chapters I wrote last week, and then I’ll finish the final chapter tomorrow. And then, I’ll send the final chapters to the editor.

And that’s this Sunday’s update! Now I’ll get back to work.

 Also, keep coming back on Sundays for more updates because this year, Z.L. Romance Writer will have some very exciting updates for you.