4 More Days Until Hot New Release!

Hold on to your hats because this time it’s happening! Once Upon A One-Night Stand will be released this Tuesday, May 16th! 

It has been nine months since my last book release, and I’ve never taken the opportunity to let the story evolve like I had this time around. And since I rather enjoy the practice and the outcome, I’m doing it again with Max’s book. 

I’m hoping to be able to release Max’s book in August or September of this year, but I’m not forcing it. 

Once Upon A One-Night Stand is 442 pages, and I think Max’s book will be closer to 500 pages. I have the story mapped out, and no matter how many ways I run through the story in my mind, the one I’ve spent months conceiving in the back of my mind while writing Once Upon A One-Night Stand is still the story I want to tell. But anything can happen during the creation process–anything.

Okay, so I added another goodie to hold you until Tuesday!

Under Sneak Peeks And Other Goodies, you’ll find a chapter two excerpt of Once Upon A One-Night Stand!

Also, I’m still planning to do paperback giveaways. We’ll see what the budget allows.

And finally, I do have an audio recording of the rest of chapter seven, which is in Lynx’s voice. The output is slow though. I’ll add it on Monday. But whatever device you use to listen to audio, try to speed it up for a more pleasant listen.

All right then! I’ll be back on Monday and Tuesday! There’s so much to be done before the release date!

Until Monday! xx